Every life is filled with opportunities to join together in prayer & ritual to celebrate, to remember, to embrace.

Under the expansive certification of the Universal Life Church with its principle ~

“We are all children of the same universe”

The School of Invisible Arts invites you to co-create your own wedding & commitment ceremonies with us, in addition to other sacred passages such as death, birth or spirit naming, land & home blessings.

Kathe can legally officiate for you in most states. She brings her love, wisdom & legacy as The Love Artist to both guide you with preparation for your vows, as well as creating beautiful altars, ritual space & ceremony.

“This is the idea ~ that we, on the food of this love ~ can build this together.  I’m not exploiting what we all have; I just want to be able to work with it like a plastic element.  Love, intimacy, instead of paint stone or wood . . .  running on a certain kind of intensity or connection, like fuel. “
~ Kathe

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with Kathe Izzo