Much of the teachings at the School of Invisible Arts are derived from personal experiences of courage and endurance: from childbirth and motherhood, recovery from chronic depression, to intimate experiences with indigenous ritual.

Private counsel/healing sessions, virtual sadhanas or online spiritual practices, live retreats, cleanses and intensives teach:

~ simple meditative techniques focusing on profound stillness and calm without crisis
~ utilizing stillness to create heart maps to locate and release memories, emotional triggers and compulsive behavior/thinking
~ developing a personal practice of prayer, gratitude, and an alignment with a sense of source
~enabling true direction on a practical level: the ability to focus and get things done without lists, hyper-ambition, or habitual repetitive processing


Tools include: Breathwork, Prayer/Song, Limpia (Energy Clearing), Kundalini Kriya, Proprioceptive Writing, Live Foods Detoxification Instructions, Guided Solo Nature Work, Altar/Sanctuary Consultations, Divination

“I am continually moved by the transformation that comes with the commitment of the mind to overcome pain and difficulty ~ altering states of physical and emotional hardship with the courage to shift thought patterns ~ resulting in the release of regret, disappointment and frustration and an enhanced capacity for receptivity, intuition and love”
~ Kathe Izzo


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