Wow, amazing you. I literally had to go to the chiropractor to accommodate the space we are creating in my body.
~ c.o., jersey city, artista vista

Energetic guidance balanced with astrological & tarot divination &, most importantly, unconditional love ~ hourly sessions with Kathe Izzo can help return you to yourself & dissolve the most complicated & knotted of love matrices including:

*the permission to open up to true ideas of work, path, calling
*self-worth issues: career, finances, partnership
*elimination of resistance & blocks to creativity & intuition
*love addiction & compulsive love
*early childhood trauma around giving & receiving

Session work can be experienced in singular channeled appointments or in an on-going therapeutic process.

Full Astrological Readings available with emphasis on your Lunar Phase at birth & current Lunar Cycle.


“I use a variety of tools in my work, from classic visualization and time management strategies to more divinatory techniques & shamanic healing. Everyone is different. I tailor the work according to your individual needs, utilizing channeled teachings to contact your guides & ancestors: beginning a dialogue, developing a plan together, deciding how to move forward. I often give meditation suggestions & focus points for personal healing & developing a simple spiritual practice that you can commit to. “
~ Kathe

Ongoing packages available.

A few sliding scale appointments are reserved each month, don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

Available via Skype &/or phone appointments or in person, if possible.

Sessions recorded to allow each of us to stay in the moment(s) of connectivity.

Please write me for a fee schedule & to make an appointment.


“The question that your visit evoked was “what does love mean to me?” And I have held it with me like a new toy. I have carried it in my pocket & peeked at it in the fleeting moments of solitude while on the job, at home, waiting to meet someone. Sometimes at night before sleeping, I tucked it under my pillow & mused on the possibilities. I have been learning to love myself & my whole life has changed . . . ” ~ c.e.

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