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“The thought of Kathe loving me all day was unexpectedly touching, an idea I found myself stroking from time to time like an amulet, because it made me feel special, lucky. . . Such strong, detached devotion made me feel small like a kid, cause this is the way god and Santa loves, invisible and always.”
~ Michelle Tea

I am most comfortable in the poetic and very real landscape of spirit. Since I was young, I have been obsessed with parallel universes and time travel — the opening between worlds where the most subtle glimmers of intuition and secret messages break through.  As an artist and spiritual guide, I concentrate on this sacred moment: the nanosecond when the heart first feels the spark of activation, impulse — the original intimate theatre where love is generated and transmitted, sometimes across great distances, and used as a vital, catalytic agent for change.

Best known as The Love Artist, in homage to my 10 year True Love Project, a ongoing conceptual performance,  I have professed to “love the world one person at a time for one hour, one day, one afternoon or early morning to the best of my ability, unconditionally and with unmitigated passion.” I carry this work worldwide, loving people in whatever form is appropriate, from unconditional to romantic and everything in between, in their homes and work places as well as galleries, museums, shrines and sacred sites.

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“Kathe makes intensely private work that lets the world walk around in it . . . it’s oddly heavy and comic and deliberately perverse . . . She puts her words and her body on the line more than any other contemporary artist I know.”
~ Eileen Myles

 Forged as a teenage poet in the untamed wilds of the 80s in NYC and Boston collaborating with my fellow punk visionaries: Tony Millionaire, Jack Pierson, Pat Hearn and my mentor, filmmaker Jack Smith, among others, I am always first and foremost an artist (CV). However my true initiation came as my role as the young mother of three daughters who have become my beautiful, brilliant familiars on this path of the mysteries of the heart.

It was as founder of The Fana Foundation — an arts, mentorship & community service umbrella for youth — & as artistic director of the award-winning Shadow Writing Project (1996-2006) & the subsequent Voices Teen Radio Project (2009-10) – utilizing creative writing as a therapeutic tool for traumatized teenagers — combined with my 30 year disciplined yoga and meditation sadhana that I began to receive clear and accessible intuitive transmissions.  This relationship has been heightened through an ongoing singing prayer practice supported by indigenous ceremonial culture as well as a focused study in the realm of living foods detox, plant medicine and wheatgrass blood purification at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico (2007 – present).

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“Izzo enacts a doubling of the notion that art takes over where spirituality left off. In the audacity of her undertaking she points to both the commodification and trivialisation of arts potential & sets the field for it’s homecoming to spirit.”
~ Shiraz Bayjoo

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