The Inner Garden is not a fast, but a multi-level cleanse based entirely on blended, organic, living (raw) plant foods. Based on the traditional Ann Wigmore Living Foods Lifestyle, the light and energy of chlorophyll dark greens, in specific alchemy with other living (soaked and sprouted) food such as seeds, nuts, sprouts,
raw lacto-fermented vegetables and quinoa rejuvelac, brings nutrition, oxygen, healing,
and love into your body while removing the clutter of toxins and food attachments.

Along with the possibility of optional Kundalini kriya and ecstatic morning meditations, The Inner Garden offers the possibility of  lucidity, clarity and grounding on all levels:
encouraging a more essential relationship with food and a more balanced way of nourishing ourselves.

“Mystery seekers, give yourself a gift. Wherever you are, you should do it. You won’t regret it.
Let yourself be loved & nourished & guided & energetically held for a week, by someone devoted to you!”
~ s.m., brooklyn

Write for more information on NYC cleanses & delivery, retreats and intensives,
as well as DIY home cleansing and living foods personal coaching
via phone, skype & in-person.

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