How Much Do You Want What You Say You Want?

“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all” ~ John Cage

I wish I could tell it is going to be easier this month . . . Well, actually, phew . . . in a way it IS easier because the whole operation, all these new systems we are integrating & all the cleanup/debris of the old systems that are being swept away, has suddenly become a lot more real, more tangible, less conceptual & astral. A lot more chop wood/carry water.

There is work to be done. The time is now. Get on your work boots & gloves & your big girl/boy ummmm . . . panties cause now we do what we said we were going to do.

What is that you said you wanted?
What was it that you were whining about that you need/want/know you were destined to become/create/manifest?
What is it that you are just so tired of?
What is it that you know you are absolutely  finished with?

Oh, yeah, that . . . . .

Keep it simple. Wake up tomorrow & as soon as you open your eyes, sit straight up & put your hand on your heart, first tell yourself you love yourself (& mean it), feel the divine enter your crown chakra (& mean it), & flood yourself with light & then say out loud, I AM.

You can add whatever you want after that or just be one with the Beloved. With your hands or with your breath or with smudge,
bless yourself, bless yourself,  bless yourself.

Then get up & do something real. Start an activity that you can
touch & see. Finish something today. Make it happen.

With Venus rising higher & higher into the evening sky, the focus continues to be on love: self-love, unconditional love, moving the molecules with shakti however that arises, the balance of the masculine & the feminine.

This is at the source of everything else that one may think of as a crisis: climate change, racism, misogyny, poverty, famine, corporate malfeasance, depression, opiate addiction . . . all of it comes down to a balance of the masculine & feminine, all of it comes down to the need for a new understanding of gender: no more enslavement, no more lack of respect, no more denying one’s own vulnerablity or subjugating the vulnerability of others.

And, no, it is not just men that need  to look at this, it is not just rich people, it is not just powerful people, we ALL need to come into balance.

It may mean talking/doing less, it may mean talking/doing more.

For the moment, & excuse me for oversimplifying ~ in the most personal way, it comes down to the body & how you bring your body
into alignment with the powerful energies that are present right now.

When do you really own your flow.
How can you balance the doing & the being.
Not resisting.
Moving your molecules.
Taking a leap in trust to do something different.

And yes, staying with the process even when you think it is boring.

This is Walking Your Talk.

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