Keeping It Real: In Between the Eclipses

I am here. I know it has been a while. I have slowed down on the newsletters a bit, so deep in my new coaching platforms & super busy with so much interest in the Lunar Prayers.

Thank you.

I am so grateful that so many of you are choosing to go deeper with your practices & it is truly a pleasure to support that.

The Moon is quite a persistent lover these days. No chance of falling asleep on THAT job, the Mother of all Creation.

Be super aware of what is on your plate right now. For there are no accidents.

No what ifs, no coulda/shoulda/woulda. No prayers that you think are going unanswered.

Your prayer is answered. Your medicine is what is happening right now.

Whether we like it or not, we are meeting the Divine halfway
& resistance is futile.

If you stare right into the fire,
if you stare right into the medicine,
if you stare right into the loneliness,
if you stare right into the snow,
if you stare right into the love,
you will find the gold key.

It is right there. Hallelujah. What you have been looking for all along.

I have been saying all along that any idea that we may have of  The Future is Feminine or The Goddess Rising is so immature & lacking in imagination compared to what the Source energy can possibly hold for us.

Although the voices of the feminine in the #MeToo & #ItsTime movements may seem like matrix sound bites by now (it is hard to know how many layers of contrived reality we are consuming, just look at any episode of Black Mirror or Electric Dreams) it is clear that something huge is shifting & the fracture that has opened up,
though ridiculously cliche could not have been predicted  . . .  only cliche because it is SO TRUE.

Let it be a reminder to yourself that anytime you say that something is inevitable “just the way it is” . .  anytime you believe the story you are living as non-negotiable you are losing your sovereignty & there is no one to blame but yourself.

*(ooooh, strict mama now)*

Do not allow yourself to fall asleep. And by fall asleep, I mean fall into a trance of blame, or smugness, a trance of thinking you are ‘safe’ from this process of change because you may intellectually understand or have the dollars to pay for enough therapy, meditation or medicine. That you may be ahead of the game.

I don’t say this to instill fear, for I do know with all certainty that we are indeed all safe.

I am merely imploring you to live your lives as if you are on the front line of care for the most beautiful, radiant child. Be that awake. Be that in love. Be that engaged.

This is the medicine that will get you through.

But you probably know all this already, cause whoaaaaa that  Full Lunar Eclipse. A testament to the understated spectacle. To the dream that alters you even when you don’t remember it. By staying present, you feel your way through.

Behind the mind. This is the Lunar realm & we are so lucky to be receiving  this Phd training in the unknown.

This eclipse cycle ends on the upcoming  New Moon in Aquarius on February 15. There is no coincidence that it is almost on  the mirage of Valentine’s Day for, as I have been discussing here  & in the Lunar Practice, Venus is making a lot of gorgeous noise, flirting & overtly fucking with all the big guns: Sun, Moon, Neptune, Pluto & always with her consort Mars.

She is right there, on her way to full visibility as the Evening Star in a few weeks. Love/Intimacy/Relationships in the forefront when the world feels so chaotic? Yep. And balanced by the disciplinarian
Saturn so happy in Capricorn? Yep. This means commitment, complete integrity & walking your talk in the name of Love. Showing up. Taking a risk. Seem crazy when everyone is so edgy & uncomfortable? The best time for honesty & True Love.

You can handle it. Just realize it may not look like  what you think it should. Remember, we don’t know anything.

Advanced Teachings

Ceres,  a dwarf planet/asteroid almost the size of Pluto is named after the mother of Persephone/Venus. She was conjunct the Moon on this last eclipse & will be on the fingertip of a Yod *(also known as The Finger of God, an astrological aspect that is a very narrow extended triangle, resembling a finger).

A more esoteric astrological transit to be sure but so significant on these eclipses with Venus rising.

Ceres is a Mother of the highest degree. She was married to many Gods or including the full spectrum of Light & Dark (Zeus & Hades)
AND she remained totally free to create  & channel the Shakti-verse
(also known as Demeter) without the help of any of her lovers. Known as the protector of Mothers, yet often without her children by design or by force, she continually resurrects in full power while also surrendering to violent sexual advances, including rape.
Surrender & Rise. Surrender & Rise. All full flow. No constricting definitions. No looking back. No blame. No story. All life.

I am not justifying. I am just reporting. I am honoring the resilience
of The Goddess.

In preparation for the closure of this Eclipse cycle (including the summer Eclipses on August 7 & 21) take some time to walk on the earth barefoot, if only for a moment. Take some time to stare into the fire. Into your loneliness. Into the vastness. And tell yourself the truth. As if you were free. You are.

Answer the Call.

I know you know what I am talking about.

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