A Love Supreme: New Moon & Eclipse Cycle Ushering in The Return of the Evening Star

I find it’s only when something is trying to come through  I really practice. And then . . .  I don’t know how many hours. It’s all day.

~ John Coltrane

Happy Newest of the Years. I hope you are feeling good today. Even if you wanna say you’re not (good, awesome, clear). Hope you are able to cherish this time of the stripping away & find some truth there. I know . . . truth is relative & we are all doing the best we can.
The idea that we can ever truly know what is right for anyone else, that we could possibly know what another person is thinking or expect them to understand us . . .  this idea is such a burden.

How about we say in 2018 we cannot make assumptions about  ANYONE else’s experience?

And that, because of this unknowing ~ any efforts to control another person’s behavior is such a huge waste of energy. That, in absolutely every situation, we collectively can save enough personal electrical energy & empower ourselves with surrender, love & light that it will create a reservoir, enough to melt the resistance of those  who do not understand love (& all that suffer from their lack of understanding).

It is worth a try. Venus is in the house. True Love.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long  as your heart is open.

The upcoming New Moon in Capricorn (this coming Tuesday, January 16 at 9:17 pm) is conjunct Venus. This means that both the Sun & Moon are conjunct Venus & just last week, on January 9, the Sun & Pluto were conjunct with Venus.

Venus is a planet that lives close to us on Earth. She illuminates how our values interact with our need & expression of intimacy & love. She is a personal planet. Usually the ramifications of her movements
are something that affect us intimately, more privately.

It is interesting that she is featured so prominently this particular lunar cycle. It is the first eclipse season post that  earth/paradigm shattering Full Solar Eclipse on August 21.

The next days are a good time to ponder the events of the last 5-6 months of your life. The decisions, disruptions, red flags, gifts of the last 6 months are the beginnings of your new Weltanschauung or innate understanding of the universe.

Whether or not you have surrendered yet, it is  true that everything is new. This can definitely be disorienting. You can resent it. You can resist it. Or you take your get-out-of-jail-free card & start a whole new world. In your heart. In your own backyard.

But back to Venus. I will be sharing more in a month or two, when Venus truly shows herself above the horizon bright & clear, right after sunset, as The Evening Star. However in actuality, in the realm where things exist that you must belief even if you cannot prove it with your eyes, Venus passed the Sun a few days ago & is indeed in the twilight of the night sky.

She has returned. The beautiful path of Venus, a perfect algorithm illustrated above, is a 5 pointed star of above & below. She regularly guides us as the brightest star of the morning & night sky & her ‘descent’ or absence when she passes in between these very different definitions of Evening & Morning Star affects us on a cellular level.

We deeply feel what we think to be the absence of love.

It tests us. It tries our faith. We rant & we rave. However, if we let it,
this absence of love actually proves to us the continuum of presence,
of a larger container of care, of a Love Supreme.

Not a Love we can control.
Not a pretty, convenient Love.
But a Love that forms us.

Love always returns.
Absence teaches us how to love.
Discomfort teaches us what comfort is.
Tragedy drives prayer, drives Faith.

Unfortunate but true.

We are human beings.

We are weirdly designed to play hard ball.
We don’t have to play it that way, but it is our default.
It is how we learn.

If you remember, I said above  that Venus is not only about love
but also about values. I think that is key in our what we are examining in this segue between eclipse realities & why Venus is leading the way ~ & (especially with last week’s conjunction with Pluto) ~ Love’s values are in the forefront of every conundrum on the planet right now.

What is at the heart of racial understanding?
What is at the heart of economic parity?
What is at the heart of sustainable living?
What is at the heart of gender equity?

Values & Love.

Take the next days to see how what you love reflects your values.

How can you love more? More clearly, with less attachment to outcome.

No matter what.

Not for a specific reason.

As a daily practice.

Do what you can today, right now to open your heart & keep it open.

Don’t worry about the small stuff.

Don’t worry about the big stuff.

Make an altar in your heart for this New Moon & upcoming Eclipse Season.

Behind your judgments is a vulnerability.

Put that vulnerability on your altar.


(cover image: lexx valdez)

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