What Belongs To You Will Come To You: Step By Step Instructions For A Powerful 2018

We are so fortunate to have so many opportunities to begin again.

You can start your New Year at any time of course:
Day of the Dead, Winter Solstice,  The first day of Spring, your Birthday, this very moment, right now, that you are reading this. But there is something about January 1 as arbitrary as it is, that carries so much power if only be because of the collective rolling celebration all over this world as the numbers shift, the ball drops,
the hugs & kisses . . . the coming together.

You feel it when you wake up on New Years Day. No matter what the weather everything feels erased & clear, forgiven, golden & ultimately possible.

So whoever came up with all this Happy New Year fuckery, here we are my beloveds.

Happy New Year.

Let’s ride this mother fucking wave because if Mama is gonna get fucked let’s treat her like the ABSOLUTE QUEEN that she is.

And, as we would all so fortunately have it ~ She is Us & We are She.

This is the Real Deal.

Show up.
Level up.
Own up.
Lift up.


And I love you as I love myself.

As I so often quote from the Course in Miracles:

None of us are healed until all of us are healed ~ & there is only one of us here.


Sooooooooooo, no matter how many different ways I have cajoled you here, no matter how bored you may be with my rap ~ or even worse! no matter how comforted you are that I will continue to mama you & tell you everything is gonna be alright . . . NOW IS THE TIME.

Now is the time to heal yourself.
No one else is going to heal you.
No love is gonna make your life shine.
No movie/rock star agent is gonna find you drinking yr coffee & offer you a deal.
No guru is gonna be your god.

You are everyone.
You hold the world in your hand.
You hold the cure for all fatal illness in your heart.
You are The New Year.
You are everyone.
You are community.
Right now.
In your pajamas.
In your possible food/alcohol/weed/etc hangover.
In your naked self.
You are the world.

Now that makes everything a whole lot easier because you do not need to wait for anyone else to wake up & get their shit together.

You have the key right there. In your beautiful, blinking eyes & uber shiny hopeful heart.


This is what to do:

1. Assess the situation RIGHT NOW.
How do you feel, in all honesty.
What is the longing?
What is the wound?
What is missing?

If you are feeling awesome in the moment {Yay} take a moment to find the key repetitive scenario that you have been carrying over year after year & use this for your investigation.

2. Identify the bottomline emotion: fear, disappointment, shame, anger, sadness.

3. Locate this emotion in your body & do not resist it. Feel the holding. Find it. You can let it go. Believe & do it. Focus. Your body & brain can speak with each other if only for a moment.

4. Breathe.

5. No matter how much therapy you have done, no matter how many times you have visited this very emotion, feel it in your body & move right now. Just a tremor will do. This is Celebration. Enjoy.

6. Make some time for yourself. Write down the times you have felt this exact way: in your mind, in your body. Start now & move backward. Do not dwell on the details. Detach with love from your suffering. Keep a little shake in there when you need it. Just do it. With love.

7. Look at these notes. Look at the longing. See what you have been asking for. You have been asking for something. See it there. Over & Over.

8. In some form, in this very day, in this New Year,  give yourself what you have been asking for. TAKE ACTION.

9. Continue to take action. Obvious, intentional action. On this very thing. Give yourself what you are longing for. You can do this. There is no doubt. You can do this.

Self love is not boring. Giving yourself something you have been waiting for someone else to give you is not giving up.

If you have read this through & you think you have  seen this before, you probably have. I did not make this kind of healing up.

But the answer is TAKE ACTION.
The answer is IT IS ONLY YOU.
The answer is MAKE IT REAL.

In this healing, you bring food to starving children. In this healing, you bring new growth to the decimated forests. In this healing, you bring peace.

For we truly need to get over ourselves to move on. In this personal liberation, you bring hope & everyone can breathe.

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