The Dark Moon, The End Of Saturn/Chiron PTSD & The Scorpio/Gemini Lunar Prayer

Last night at around midnight, the Moon passed into Scorpio & will be fully engaged in the New Moon at the very end of Scorpio tomorrow morning at 6:42 East Coast.

This long build up in Scorpio is referred to as the Dark Moon & it is rare that we hold that space of darkness for a full day (*or longer in this case).

What this means for you *(& I realize I am sending this so late, I am deep deep deep in my own transfiguration at the moment, keep me close to your heart) is to take whatever time you can for ultra-contemplation.

Take this time as A LUXURY, the most necessary of luxuries. This point of stillness, this shuniya, is the absolute most healing & spiritually nutrient rich thing you can do for yourself, that you can do for the world.

It means so much. I thank you in advance.

Wherever you are ~ Whoever you are ~ Whatever your beliefs are about the matrix of creation & these times . . . . take the time today
& this weekend to clear space for the Beloved.

Allow yourself, in the privacy of your own  sacred space, to fully invite in whatever  The Beloved means to you & LISTEN.

Take your time.

We are in the early season training for the most beautiful Winter Solstice perhaps of our lifetime. We are being visited daily by divine beings who are so invested in our protection & welfare & who depend on our willingess to explore options outside of our comfort zone.

This is why I implore you to take the time. It’s like bootcamp for the soul. Get quiet. Get still. Ask for guidance. Listen.

A few weeks ago, just after Samhain, we completed the Saturn square Chiron transit that had occurred several times  over the past year.

What this meant for us, collectively & individually, was a confrontation with the deepest & most repetitive of wounds: the places where we guard our most wild & free natures & where we feel we have been done wrong.

Protecting ourselves & licking our wounds when feeling vulnerable
(totally natural & intuitive) becomes a stuck place quickly. What we learned (hopefully) this year or were encouraged to examine is how innately courageous & powerful we are, each & every one of us, & that in this place of the deepest wound is where we are initiated into the front guard.

This is where we absolutely must take the invitation to be of service, to rise & lead.

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