#MeToo, The Beauty Way & The Pleasure Principle: Navigating Freedom On This New Moon

It has certainly been an amazing week.

All of the prophecies are coming through & the definition/interpretation of what it means when one refers to the return of the feminine & goddess rising is updating minute by minute.

What a perfect time to be a little more focused with your prayers, aligning with the upcoming Lunar momentum ruled this cycle by Venus in both Libra (New Moon) & Taurus (Full Moon).

Venus rules creativity, harmony, beauty, love & receptivity. At the moment she is preparing for her descent  into the underworld, transforming from her Maiden identity as the Morning Star in the beginning of November, going deeper & deeper within until she re-emerges as the Evening Star in late January.

This transformation mirrors the story of Persephone (or the story of Persephone mirrors that of Venus), her kidnapping & descent into the Underworld, where her maidenhood is stolen from her through her relations with the God of the Underworld.

Whatever happens there, as controversial & troubling as it may seem, it is here Persephone individuates from her Mother, & becomes Queen, Mother, Enchantress in full power.

The story is complex & I have many conflicting ideas about this transformation, but this much I know is true,Venus/Persephone calls us to fully own a feminine based idea of beauty & pleasure,
that is defined by no one but ourselves.

For centuries the pleasure principle has been as subjugated & marginalized as woman herself. Of course, pleasure does not only belong to women, but pleasure & it’s relationship with the continuation of both nature & the world is definitely contingent
on the feminine orgasm. The expression of female pleasure has been historically (or at least in recent history) controlled & utilized for the misaligned status quo of the male gaze & has therefore been inherently tampered with & toxified, creating much of the imbalances that we see in nature & in pour bodies.

This is what must change & this change will benefit all peoples. It is all of our responsibility.

It is in vulnerability that the true power lies. Vulnerability does not mean victim. It does not mean licking your wounds. It does not mean playing small. It does not mean blame. It means the freedom to be who you are. The freedom to be beautiful as you are & to walk in pleasure without the need to inordinately protect oneself.

Everyone benefits from The Beauty Way.

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