The Aries Full Moon: The Harvest, The Impulse For Power, The Horse You Are Riding NOW

Here we are at the Full Moon in Aries. It is the Harvest Moon, usually experienced in late September closer to the Equinox. It is traditionally the time when all your hard work pays off, the food is off the vine & the trees, the fields are being laid to rest.

We all know that the work is hardly done when the food is off the vine, particularly those of use whose natural inclination or spot on the chore wheel (of life) is to feed the people. More on feeding the people in  a minute. But yes, it is good to take a break & survey the season of growing & to plan for the winter ahead.

Yep, you know I love GOT.

Winter is coming.

I want to encourage you to enjoy yourself & breathe this Full Moon. We, all of us, passed through the eye of the needle this summer, whether we believed in this transition or not, whether we cared, whether we paid attention.

We are all living in the new world. A world where our DNA contains more strands. A world where we are capable of time travel & deeper telepathy. A world where, more than ever, we are operating as one living, breathing organism. A world where the Earth energy is leading. A world where we must pay attention, for each day this evolution is racing ahead. A world that will not be the same next week as it is today.

So take a moment & breathe. Do something super nice for yourself today. And if this acknowledgement of your efforts to stay afloat, to stay present, to stay positive bring tears to your eyes, let them flow & know that you are not alone.

It is a lot that is being asked of us  at this time, but it is all in our favor. It is all part of something we asked for at some point, when our souls chose this life. After a many year hiatus from working actively as an astrologer, I have been working more deeply & intuitively with more people than ever deciphering these codes we chose as evolved beings, before we were born.

In these crystalline moments between lives, our highest selves chose lives that were of the most divine purpose, that fit into the purpose of the life that came before & the one that will follow (for it will).
It chose a life that would fit into the matrix of all the other lives here at this time. It did not choose happiness or success. It chose the most perfect, meaningful life.

When you are in despair, when you feel all is lost, you are usually off this alignment. You have lost your way. Most times, it is because you
believe things should be other than they are, right now.

You are resisting yourself. Your truth. Your calling.

And if that causes heaviness in your heart, I can guarantee you, your path is probably only centimeters away from where you are standing right now.

I want to give you one simple piece of advice:

Let things come to you.

Now you might be saying, “I am waiting”
“I am ready”
“Nothing works”
“I tried.”

Most of the time, we are ahead of our experience. We have lived a long time, we have seen many things. We see something coming our way. A horse for instance. We say to ourselves, “That is a horse, I know what a horse is, I have known many horses, I rode a horse once, I remember a brown horse, a golden horse, a spotted horse . . .”

And then we no longer see the horse in front of us.

This happens all the time, many times a day. We stop life. We protect ourselves from experiencing. We lose our thread with the gifts that are coming in, every minute.

Just for today, notice when you interrupt someone. Notice when you look away. Stay one minute more, 5 minutes more.


Remember, the world is completely new.

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