A Guide to this week’s Epic Solstice/New Moon Orifice: Generous Living, 4th & 5th Dimensional Reality & Beyond {Your Beauty}

“Our suggestion is to cleave away from your life the thought forms of self-sacrifice & martyrdom. Find more ways to discover joy even in the smallest things. It does not matter how small they are.

Find the courage to speak your truth to those closest to you. This type of truth speaking & self-revealing is, in our opinion, critical for your successful transition through the current & on-going period of global destabilization”
The Hathors

It’s been a big week of external manifestation. I am sure you are all feeling it ~  epic historical splashes flavored with grace & also with your own elegant twists & turns as you each speak your truth into the voids . . .

Early this morning or late last night we sailed over the high point of summer solstice ~ it felt a bit secret to me, what is usually a day in the sun with many friends, was spent in deep contemplation (compared to what hahahahaha) & staring into my own personal waters.

It’s an interesting twist when one of the  most externally manifesting astral holidays coincides with the urge to return to the cave that comes with the new moon.

What does that mean? It means that showing yourself, declaring yourself, joining with your tribe in the light, is given the ultimatum  that it must be a true statement of self utterly & completely true.

This is the gift of this present moment & all of this week. That any falsehood will feel so suffocating that you will not be able to hold onto a moment longer.

This is the stream, the momentum that will carry you, that is carrying you. It is here. Buy the ticket, take the ride. You are Queen. You are King. I love you.

I hope you all have some good solstice prayers & that you got good & clear, specific. If not, take the time to sit in the next days before the New Moon Friday.

You don’t know who is listening, or how many expectant helpers, guardians are waiting for your prayer.

You may have felt confused, in the last month for there was much chaos here on earth & in the cosmos, due to what the scientists call CMEs or Coronal Mass Ejections & what appear as a solar storm when they hit the earth.

CMEs are massive bursts of gas & magnetic fields arising from the solar corona & released into the solar wind. They are what cause all the beautiful skies that have been gracing Instagram & FB this summer & over the last years, mirrors of the Aurora Borealis,
almost out of control in celestial gorgeousness.

They are powerful, even in their random clouds, this energy, these particles. If they were to hit a specific hotspot here on earth, they could cause system collapses of international power grids.

They are always abundant at this time of year but they have been intensifying in general over the past few years.

What does this mean for our own ‘power grids’?

How does this influx of light affect  our personal electricity & energy?

The other night I dreamt I was in a thunderstorm in the forest & as lightning hit (I love love love thunder & lightning) a fireball crossed the sky, actually not just across the sky, it actually skimmed the tops of the trees.

It was terrifying & it was true. It reminded me of a moment in a particularly turbulent ceremony a few years back  ~ one of those ceremonies where all you could do is do your absolute best to not
duck your head & resist but rather breathe into your heart, straighten up your spine & pray. In the dark I saw the leader of the ceremony, a young Brazilian woman, stand up & spread her arms in the seeming hurricane that had entered the room & say “This is God.”

Hello Sun.

The growing light of the sun & stars, from the seasonal shift to the CMEs is full of invitation & activation, speaking directly to a cellular key within.

Just as the sun feeds the plants & creates chlorophyll, basically love in the form of a plant, the light acceleration is activating a memory system within that has been dormant for a very long time.

It is our job to receive this light transmission with as much elegance & gratitude as possible, even if it is confusing.

Many of you are feeling ‘in between worlds’ right now, not on this earthly plane but not in some place ‘safe’ either. Part of this light invitation is an invitation to another zone, kind of like a club house, another place to hang out in when the going gets tough, a place to recharge & learn a few things.

You may have heard relatively unintelligible rumblings out in the interwebs about transcending time & space, about the 4th dimension, the 5th dimension ad infinitum.

All of the disorienting, well, many of the disorienting feelings are connected to this invitation of the light acceleration & the key to entering the 5th dimension.

What is 4D? What is 5D?

Your embodied bio reality ~ eating, sleeping, walking, hugging, chopping wood, carrying water, making love is in the 3rd Dimension.

It is ruled by the 4th Dimension which is time. Or at least we feel ruled by it.

Our relationship with the 4th Dimension of Time, which often feels limiting & abrasive is mostly determined by our conditioning. Our mind creates these laws & they are ridiculously archaic.

Almost everything that doesn’t work on this planet, including war, economics, inequality on every level are created by our outdated
relationship with time.

In the 5th dimension, we are no longer “marooned by time & space”
(Tom Kenyon) ~ our personal history becomes a dream ~ & we are able to see, feel & exist in all time simultaneously, in all places simultaneously. There is no ownership, no domination, no limiting ratios to create limitation.

In the 5th dimension we are all free. {& onward, 6th, 7th, 8th . . . . . }

Another bonus to activating & entering the 5th dimension is that it takes a whole lot of wear & tear off the earth, if we start hanging out there & healing ourselves.

She can then breathe & take care of herself.

I know this sounds unrealistic. It’s a huge learning curve. Just saying this information is available as we move through these major astrological configurations & magnetic disturbances. Just like going to a library, you can check out this info at your leisure, learn some tools, they are available for you now, like the newest system download.

In the last few weeks, I have been using the analogy  of how the computer completely changed our lives with clients. It seems so de rigueur now, but those of us who were full grown when they arrived, it was such a huge learning curve & we could barely move our fingers.

Think of anything that you learned that initially seemed beyond you,
handling the huge vehicle of a car, touching a musical instrument that you longed to master.

This is where we are right now with these new tools of community, of manipulating time & space.

I am doing my best to learn about these things so I can teach & help.

There are many beautiful teachers. I am grateful to be one of yours.

Be careful what you wish for. Yikes & LOVE.

It’s just like dreaming with a few more knobs & dials & points of entry.

Do not be afraid of this. It is happening already, anyway, we can all feel the challenges upon us, best to see them as I have described ~ as an invitation. Something exciting. No resistance. One day, one step at a time. Opening. Believing. Grace.

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