Jupiter Direct: How to Set & Keep a New Bliss Vibration

Exhaustion is a blessing; it allows for the rest, contemplation & meditation this phase requires.
~ Sandra Walter

If you train your mind to understand that you are unlimited, then all bounty for you is unlimited; & when you train yourself that you are limited, everything is limited for you.
~ Yogi Bhajan

Thinking about the upcoming Sagittarius Strawberry Full Moon
(June 9) 
coming up next week ~ mostly because it coincides with Jupiter turning direct in the middle of Libra where it has been traveling retrograde since February 6.

I am giving you heads up because I want to get you prepared ahead of time so you can both rest up & get clear ~ you are about to receive some juicy presents & maybe someone sweet is gonna deliver them.

Yep, you. You are gonna receive.

One catch, you gotta show up, you gotta keep your bliss point open, you gotta be willing to  understand your own goodness in order to receive.

Bliss Point? Whaaaaa? And how do I keep it open?

I’m going to show you how.

I’ll give you a few pointers right here (below) & then, next week, just in time for the main event, I am offering two Zoom webinars:

How to Set & Keep Your Bliss Vibration

Thursday night, June 8
8-10 pm ET
Saturday morning, June 10
10 am-Noon  ET

Some of you might be thinking, well, the word Bliss is a little too woo, a bit much, too excessive, & then some of you might be saying, oh yeah, bring me some Bliss, cause I just need to tune out for a bit.

You can start opening your Bliss Point by thinking again.

What I mean by Bliss is alignment: alignment with flow, alignment with your intuition, alignment with what feels good.

Some of you have been telling me that you don’t know what feels good.

I can (oddly) understand that but I actually think you do (know what feels good) & I can help you to remember that.

I think that some of you just don’t believe it can be that easy. You can’t allow the effortlessness of alignment (bliss). That it’s just not worth unless it is hard. It’s just not worth it unless I have finished ALL the weeping.

Bliss is intimacy with Source energy. And, yes, you can have this.

You are this.

In La’kesh.  Love says ‘I am everything.’

Incredible & possible even for us earthlings.

If any of us are really earthlings anyway.

What is the relationship between Jupiter & Bliss?

Jupiter, like every planet, moves in & out of direct & retrograde motion. While certain other planets (Mercury, Venus or Mars) tend to disrupt everything while moving backwards Jupiter has a more subtle effect but it is just as potent.

It is a big orb, the biggest planet in the solar system & by far the most generous & expansive.

Jupiter Direct says Yes. Yes. Yes.
Jupiter Direct says YESSSSSSSSS.
Jupiter Direct says Wake Up to who you are, who you have always been.

Jupiter retrograde (since February 6) has strengthened our convictions. It has clarified our intentions so that we are absolutely
& completely sure of what we want. It made us wait & now we are ready.

If we couldn’t wait, then we really didn’t want it. Jupiter retrograde is just that way. The proving ground.

What do you want right now? What are you ready for?

It doesn’t hurt that in addition  to the Sagittarius Full Moon & Jupiter direct  Venus is moving into Taurus on Tuesday June 6, one of her absolute fave spots to be & Mercury moves into Gemini on the same day, home base for super electric, synchronous & fine-tuned communication.

The Cosmos is in your favor.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make room for the Bliss Vibration:

1. Be Grateful. Keep it simple.
You don’t have to make a long list. Just.Be.Grateful. Right now. Say Thank You. In a half an hour, say it again. Set your phone to go off every (waking) half hour for the next day & say Thank You. For Absolutely Every Little (& Big) Thing.

2. The next best way to take full advantage of this time of great acceleration ~ to actually have less stuff.

The Good Stuff can’t come in  if the Bad Stuff is still there.

By stuff I mean all of it: physical stuff, emotional stuff, even spiritual stuff.

3. For the physical . . . well,  you could take the time to read
“The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”
by Marie Kondo

(if you haven’t already) but unless you are a speed reader you probably don’t have time.

So I suggest you take an hour or two today or in the next days
(the less time almost the better) & go through your house & fill up a garbage bag of things that no longer speak to you.

Be firm. Just do it. You don’t have to do it all. Just look at your stuff & think: if I could have more light & space & love right . . . there! .  where those cookbooks/jeans/comic books/mason jars are . . .  you get the idea. Why not.

*(Be ethical/smart/grateful/conscious about where/how you disperse these previously loved items)*

4. In order to make space emotionally ~ make 3 phone calls in the next week that have been on your mind.

Not text, not email ~ Call them. Don’t set it up ahead of time. Call them.

Even if they don’t pick up, they will know you cared enough to call. Please follow through but make the call(s) today.

5. To clear the way spiritually, learn how to set the Bliss Vibration.

Some of you are probably familiar with the concept taught in the Abraham-Hicks school of manifestation that just 16 seconds of deliberate & pure thought create a shift of consciousness that will magnetize your vibration to a higher level.
To reiterate:

Abraham says that a thought reaches a combustion point at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus.

Now, that may sound very simple, but wow, it is not.

In the world of cell phones  & other forms of viral communications
it is seriously not easy to maintain 17 seconds  of pure thought without digressing or distraction & build on that.

But we can do it. You can do it.

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