Gemini New Moon: Imagine Being More Afraid Of Freedom Than Slavery Redux

“imagine being more afraid of freedom than slavery” is a line from the collection of poems by the same name authored by the powerful & gorgeous Pamela Sneed)

Here we are, just before the full transparency of the Summer Solstice coming up in less than a month, & getting our prayers in order for the Gemini New Moon (Thursday, May 25 at 3:44 PM).

If you think I’m gonna tell you to slide & take it easy . . ummmmmmmm that would be a no.

Sorry my angels.

Take a moment, RIGHT NOW, a 30 sec open-eyed savasana, find a drishti on the horizon or the sky above & appreciate the spaciousness, find whatever elegance you can find inside, rest while collecting yourself, cause you are gonna be using what you learned/earned in this last bit of time pretty much immediately.

Yes, that Love you have loosened  from its karmic moorings in the last Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Cycle is now free, free, free in yourselves & the world  . . . The stakes for self expression are the highest in Summer, our most awake time of year.

It is time to arise to the Love you have wakened, take the high road & really show up for what you have been asking of the Divine all year, since last Summer Solstice.

Take a deep breath & remember what you asked for over the last year.

What were your deepest, most consistent, repetitive prayers?

The Mystery has arrived to show herself.

She is present.

She heard you, all your sleepless nights  & open-hearted prayers. She got the message.

Believe in the strength of your prayers & in your ability to follow through on what it takes to believe in the truth of this answer.

That is your job. To believe that your prayers are answered & follow through.

We are all working together on this & although the work is never done, really & the rests in-between perhaps brief, it doesn’t matter because we are all in it together.

Caring for each other, chopping wood & carrying water . . beginning to embrace the quality of Love in the 5th dimension:

A Love not as an ends but an eternal means, as truth infinite,
truly exponential & completely & utterly multi-dimensional & with each act of intentional caring, the weight of the world is truly lessened.

This is Freedom.

Commit & Believe.

Together we can stop believing in the stop/start.

We can stop believing that we work hard in order to get a treat, stop believing that we face a fear in order to be safe, stop believing that we love completely merely in order to find the one, so we that we don’t need to search anymore.

The truth: we are altogether, all the time.

You are loved.
You are love.
Believe it, it is true.

Wake up. Spoon with the intense frequency of life & open your eyes.

Love is in the Air.

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