How To REALLY Take Advantage Of Mercury Direct & Get Shit Done

“If we don’t truly love what is happening right here, we cannot love the world”
~ Tara Brach

When asked:
“What do we do when the world is too much for us?”

“All you need is already within you only you must approach yourself with reverence & love. Self condemnation & self distrust are grievous errors. Your constant flight from pain & search for pleasure is a sign of love you bear for yourself. All I plead with you is this ~ make love of yourself perfect. Deny yourself nothing. Give yourself infinity & eternity & discover that you do not need them, you are beyond.” 

~ Nisargadatta

I see you.

You have all been so diligent, loving & committed to your paths on this extended time of inward journey & trust, during this retrograde period.

Even if you do not believe this to be true, I know you are doing the best you can. It is all that we can do right now, be here with ourselves & muster up the most divine tenderness, reminding ourselves of that love that is true, infinite & always there for us.

We need to be reminded, as humans, that we are loved. Over & over again. It is part of this time, the remembering.

Feeling lost & actively remembering. It’s our job.

I love you.

Tomorrow I begin my first Intuitive Astrology class & on Wednesday, Mercury goes direct.

I chose this time intentionally to begin this class, for many reasons.

First of all, there is such an abundance of counsel & information out there: astrological, ascension, akashic, plant spirit, prophecy . . . on top of all the activism streams & the plain ole ridiculous media, social & otherwise . . I know it’s confusing, repetitive,contradictory . . overwhelming to say the least.

Who knows what is really going on?

You do, actually.

This is the time of accountability.
This is the Sacred Pause.
Wake up.

“Between the stimulus & the response there is a space & in that space lies
our power & our freedom”

~ Victor Frankel

The times when you feel overwhelmed is as if your soul is knocking on your door & handing you an envelope.

Look inside.
Do not look outside for guidance.
Try it.

In my Intuitive Astrology class the emphasis is actually NOT
on the Astrology, although understanding the meaning of these symbols & their cycles & their placement on your personal map is extraordinarily helpful.

The emphasis in the meditations & assignments is on intuition.
Learning to trust yourself. Learning to locate that voice
that says yes. Trust. Faith.

The Divine lives within & yes, you know this.

On Wednesday, May 3, Mercury goes direct.

A few weeks ago, I delved intensely into what this intensive retrograde season means for each of us.

You can read more here.

Mercury does into the darkness, the underworld so to speak,
to retrieve what we have forgotten & to leave behind what belongs there, in the unknown.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury on this May 3, when it turns direct is: A Widow at an Open Grave (4 degrees Taurus).

This is what this means for you in closing this Mercury Retrograde
(April 9 – May 3) (loosely, without knowing how it hits your chart):

Open wounds were visible at the beginning of this retrograde (April 9).

 Something had been left undone & needed addressing,
not in a direct way, but in deep listening, finding one’s way in the dark. Without language.

In this way of learning & holding space an intentional & loving closure was needed. Without language.

Perhaps what one thought was dead & gone was unearthed once again because the ritual of forgiving & releasing was incomplete, the letting go not faced, with a mirroring of the self at the forefront.

In this last shadow phase of recovery (until May 21) I pray that you are able to put old ghosts to rest, place your hands in the earth & bring a sense of peace.

Go forth in expansiveness with your sweet selves.

You got this.

I’m here.


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