The Big Squeeze: Embracing & Communicating In The Retrograde Season

Re-Heart your highest intent often, to avoid being pulled into creating lower intentions. Ask yourself: What is the highest, brightest, most complementary thing I can create in this moment to assist the Ascension? What act of love may I perform in this now moment? Try radical self-love, creative time, random acts of kindness, or acts of service.
~ Sandra Walter

Talk is okay, but start meaning it. You must use your ego . . . first of all, maximum service is when you commit yourself. Next is when you start walking in that commitment & third is when there comes a doubt or a stop or a dead-end, then you call and get clarification, & keep moving. Don’t break your speed.

I always say that when there’s a hang-up, keep up & mark time. Don’t get jammed. If you cannot proceed further, keep on marking time, somehow help will come. That’s the way to progress, that’s the way I progressed.
~ Yogi Bhajan

It’s Easter. 

I do love to pray when there are millions of other people praying everywhere, even when those prayers send a little shiver of resentment down my spine. I don’t give into it, I just focus on the upward movement. It is not worth the trouble, the toxicity it causes in my body & spirit  to do otherwise . . .

The first time I heard the story about Jesus & the cross, I was just a tiny kid, playing in the garden outside the summer house I shared
with my sisters & cousins. I remember her, Lillian, an older girl who lived next door who was a little bit mean.  She wanted my crayons & I said no,  I was using them at hat moment.  She proceeded to tell me the story of how Jesus had died for my sins as a means to make me feel that I was selfish, a sinner.

Now I can laugh about that, but at the time, the story touched my heart & I remembered all the nights that I could hear Lillian’s parents screaming at the her & her brother while I was trying to fall asleep, their screen door slamming beneath my window. I gave her the crayons &, of course, never saw them again.

Literally a million years later, I still think of Lillian when I think of Jesus. I think of selflessness & I think of self-love. I forgive myself for letting myself be bullied. And I know the crayons have come back ten-fold, time & time again.

“Creating a world of forgiveness is a living practice. You can create a world of forgiveness in  your own home today. Forgive the child that comes home late or yells at you once again. Forgive your spouse for the words they speak . . Transformation begins in in you wherever you are, whatever has happened, however you are suffering. Transformation is always possible. We do not heal in isolation.”
~ Desmond Tutu

There is a story about a village in Northern Thailand where there a large, several story high,  golden Buddha shrine lived with the villagers. When word came of an army approaching, the villagers worked together to cover the Buddha with clay & mud before fleeing for their lives.

Many generations later, a young girl was playing nearby & saw a glint of gold shining beneath the mud & worked with her friends & then her family & other villagers to break open the Buddha to the light once again. But he/she/they, The Light, had always been there.

This is where we are.

Together on this day celebrated for Ascension/Rising/Resurrection.

We are uncovering, melting, cracking, revealing ourselves to The Light, as The Light.

We must forgive ourselves, each other, for this trial with the mud, for the covering of truth, so that we can hold the intense  focus & concentration of this coming time of Light.

The mud is the tricky part. Gotta love the mud. Gotta forgive ourselves for our fear so we can learn that we only need protection
if we believe we do.

Venus went direct yesterday in the midst of a full season of retrogrades (list of planets, timelines & practice activities below).

Those of your that know me well &  follow me here, know that I love retrogrades, just as much as I love repetition in prayer, in poetry.

All retrograde means,  in planetary transits, is that you cover the same ground 3 times, twice forward & once backward.

It is the backward time, the actual retrograde periods (noted below)
where the deep magic happens, where you are not able to count on your left-brain logic & experience, where the void sometimes engulfs & Spirit is given full access to your ear & psyche.

It may feel like darkness but it is permission to unravel a bit,
to let in divine forces to present options, healing & unexpected epiphanies.

These are sacred times we are in.

Now that Venus is direct, she can assist & shed light with the more lengthy retrogrades: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto & also the more sticky, troublesome ones: Mercury . . .

Venus retrograde (which began on March 4 & ended yesterday) focused on a re-evaluation of how we let Love in & out ~ & by Love, I include Money (energy that enables us to nourish & care for ourselves) & Self-Worth (self blessing) as well as the other, more Intimate forms of Love.

She stationed direct in very close proximity to Chiron (the planet of the wounded healer) & square to Saturn. This is a strong indicator of
(at least the opportunity) of the acceptance of a very deep wound. The opportunity for an initiation, a portal of leadership at many levels, however this may appear for you.

You are now able to move forward.
To forgive yourself &/or another.
To dissolve the nut at the center of your being . . .
should you accept this opportunity.

I pray for this courage for you & for me.

This is key: It will take a certain amount  of both strength & surrender TO MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE NOT TO REOPEN THE WOUND.

You have turned a corner.
Do not give up.

Dates for retrogrades:

Jupiter retrograde February 6 – June 9
(evaluating our visions, ideals, & belief systems preparing to build new platform)

Venus retrograde March 4 – April 15
(money & love areas are detoxed & refined ~ old relations could return to resume or to be completed)

Saturn retrograde April 5 – August 25
(time to work on palpable long term goals, responsibilities & duties, time to restructure the way we manifest our reality, & find a new attitude towards obstacles)

Mercury retrograde April 9 – May 3
(going inward ~ time to plan, research, integrate  & prepare for the next phase)

Pluto Retrograde April 20 – September 28
(reflection on strategies of change & transformation, possibility for deep release)

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