Sangha As Lover & Last Day For The Aries/Libra Lunar Prayer Practice: What You Can No Longer Endure

I take refuge in the sangha.
~Teachings of the Buddha

After you have practiced for a while, you realize that it is not possible to make rapid progress ~ progress is always little by little.
~ S Suzuki

The trees, water, air, birds & so on can all be members of (y)our sangha. A good walking path may be part of our sangha. A good cushion can be also.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As we get ready for yet another Lunar Cycle (beginning tomorrow evening with the Aries New Moon conjunct Venus Retrograde) I want to give you a few reminders on some ways to give simple support at this accelerated, illuminated time ~ so that you can
make the most of energies at hand.

For this is true, there is nothing going on, in the present moment or ever, that is not food for you, nourishment, opportunity.

It is as if the spirits or Spirit, {whatever you believe, it all comes from the same place} are serving you sacred food in the form of your daily events & larger lifetime curves.

We are sitting together at the table.

This is Sangha: A community of friends who practice love, intention & awareness together in order to forward themselves & the community in love & intention.

Just by opening this newsletter you are part of this Sangha.

Here. Thank you.

This might be enough, to open this letter & decide that you have the time to pay attention. Again, thank you.

What is necessary right now, more than anything, for you & for everyone, is that you stay in your Grace. That you collect yourself daily, or perhaps several times a day, & come to stillness.

You know you have reached stillness or shuniya when you begin to touch a larger (or tinier, everyone is different) vibration that feels a bit like a key in a lock. A weighted feeling that feels secure, a coming home.

It may be extremely subtle ~ thus the need for silence & stillness a few times a day . . . but practice makes perfect & with intention you will be able to find this sweet spot in the most casual of moments.

As often as you can make this sacred space for yourself the better.

It is as if shuniya by shuniya, brick by brick, we are building the architecture of love & awareness that will carry the world.

In reality we are just confirming it’s reality of course. It is already there, just past the veil of our addiction to the past & our suffering.
Together, in this sangha & many others, we are watching each other’s back & holding each other’s hand while we remember & hold the gate open.

Thank you again. I believe in you.

One more day to jump into this auspicious sangha ~ please come & sit with me.


This Month’s Theme:

The Aries/Libra Lunar Cycle will begins tomorrow ~
Monday, March 27 at 9:57 pm ET with the Aries New Moon.

This New Moon is conjunct with Venus Retrograde. It cultivates the intense personal focus of Aries, with no apology & forces reconciliation with the Venusian desire to be held by that soul mate, that twin flame.

Where are you selling yourself short? Where are you giving when you really want to ask for more? Where are you giving when you need to commit to your higher mission? Have you cleared the space in heart, head & hand to really truly see that mission unimpeded, uninterrupted?

During this lunar cycle, you will be so hypersensitive to others you may have to draw the blinds ~ often & yes, without apology.

Practice makes perfect. Choose yourself again & again until you are saturated with Being.

This is the Aries/Libra Lunar Axis.

Let me help you figure out a plan to stay with your convictions.

Welcome to the Future.

At the center of the practice ~ two intuitive Video guides {one at the New Moon ~ one at the Full Moon] to this month’s astrology including:

Aries New Moon March 27
Moon conjunct Venus Retrograde
Mercury conjunct Uranus
Saturn square Chiron

Jupiter square Pluto March 30

Venus enters Pisces April 2
Saturn Retrograde April 6
Mercury Retrograde April 9

Libra Full Moon April 11

Venus direct April 15

Pluto Retrograde April 20

Taurus New Moon April 26

In addition to the New Moon & Full Moon videos you will receive:

*specific guidelines for altar preparation
*diet, essence & kundalini kriya/meditation prescription for the month,
*personalized mantra for prayer according to your natal moon sign & phase
(please send birth info including time, place & full date)

$25 for one Lunar Cycle

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