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Antidotes For The Pisces New Moon Eclipse Brouhaha (Bruja Smile)

“There is no ladder to ascend” ~ The Path

“The glass is, & was, always full” ~ Sandra Walter

“You don’t need to do everything. Do what calls your heart; effective action comes from love. It is unstoppable, & it is enough” ~ Joanna Macy

Welcome to the maelstrom my beauties,

I hope it is helpful for all of you that I continue to send these messages because sometimes it takes all I’ve got to sit down & focus enough to send them. However I do love myself enough to keep my center & I know that when I am of service everything sits a little bit clearer.

So here we are.

My last email laid out a lot of the groundwork for this rowdy weekend of cosmic wrestling. If there is someone you would rather NOT have it out with, I recommend you either stay clear or bring in some super hero mediation support OR do both, pray hard, call in some angels & go for it.

This period of Destabilization (not just this weekend but these last few years & the next one coming) has been predicted for literally eons. The current US president is just a symptom of loss of equilibrium that began generations ago.

The turbulence of the next few days should be mostly internal
however many of us have experienced or may experience sudden redirection of our path, disruption in what we thought was constant & true, the veil lifting on things that we had long stored away as finished. Surprise.

This should be celebrated. I’m going to show you how.

Our entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light, including our bodies. This is how we connect to the universe & to the divine streams of energy that bring life to all of nature’s gorgeousness & that mysteriously move us to take action, over & over again, in spite of all difficulties, to make art, make war, make money, make trouble, make love.

As embodied beings, as we are moved to Make over & over again. Although we may be exquisitely aware of this sexy & divine light consciousness that runs through us, we also experience with our seemingly reliable senses, the differences between things, the hard edges, the separation.

It is our raison d’être to face this (or not) everyday. This weekend’s cluster fuck of  frustration & inspiration feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back. WTF. This is ridiculous. Why bother. I.Just.Can’t.

I am here to tell you it can be so easy. It was never meant to be hard.

The main solution for the coming days is a combination of laying low (yep, resting), removing expectations in a very specific & generous way, being kind to one another,  staying open AND feeling each cell of your body as a star.

Fill with light.

It’s not a cliche and you don’t need to have some radical epiphany or enlightenment, no key card to an exclusive club to do this.

You are meant to be fully efficient with love.

You are meant to be open & receive everything you need to know,
to be completely successful on your path.

Don’t give up now. Just try again. Use a tiny bit more effort.
Release yourself. Experience who you are. Do not edit or try to abandon who you are.

The absolute, most important thing is that you keep the way clear.

Just like sweeping the floor. Do what you can. Little by little.

Subtle Activism. Pray.

Here is some good limpia medicine for you that takes practically no effort:

This piece of sound healing has helped me through the extreme dreaming & sensory disruptions of the last few weeks. It is channeled by Tom Kenyon. whose generous & visionary work
is absolutely necessary if you are interested in exploring the noosphere & the 5th Dimension. Also for healing up your nervous system if you just can’t help it & you are already there & feeling the shocks to your system.

You can play it on repeat while you sleep (amazing) or just play it while you are sitting (about 10 min long). The simplified instructions are:

Basic level: just listen
Intermediate level: listen with your body
Advanced level: listening with your body as a galaxy of light
(yes yes yes your body is so inherently joyful this actually happens more easily than you would think)

Restoration by Tom Kenyon
(follow the link through ~ you need to agree to the copyright & then you get a free download)

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