The Way Through: The Love Artist Guide To The Eclipse Season

“Remember that the heart is infinite as you play with the finite constructs of the mind level. As the frequencies emanating from Gaia support pure creator beingness, the responsibility becomes yours; how you direct that energy for both your personal path & your service work.

Practice responsible creation, & do not ruminate or stagnate in the old timeline energies as they drop away. Move forward with clarity, joy & an open heart because so much is becoming available to us”

~ Sandra Walter

Trust begets trust. Generosity begets generosity. Love begets love. Be the spark, especially when it’s dark.

~ Notes from the Universe

It’s a Sunday night as I sit down to write this, a time that has always felt inherently unstable to me since childhood. Simply, it was the bridge between the domestic & the wild. For the open-ended, non-regulated time of the weekend & the anxiety that came from being forced back into the form & constrictions of the school week.

I was just a kid. I didn’t think about it too much. I don’t which gave me more anxiety, the unstructured intimacy with my family (open-ended time with my parents who I didn’t really spend time with during the week) or the fact that I knew that the freedom wasn’t real, that sooner or later I would have to come back inside.

One of the many things we are learning at this precarious time
(or re-learning) is a new relationship with the wildness, a new translation of freedom, a new level of discomfort with the definition of what it means to be real & present.

We began this high intensity eclipse season last Friday, February 10 with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

It opened the window for soul lessons that most of us would rather avoid, I’m not gonna pretty it up for you. In the next week,  as we prepare for the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse (next Sunday, February 26) we have Mars in Aries kicking up a shit storm with both Pluto & Uranus & we will feel the need to bust up our prisons, whatever that may mean to us personally.

You may already be feeling it.

We will also have the (often) repressed (& burning with an irrepressible purifying rage) feminine libidinal power of the asteroid Lilith moving in Sagittarius this week. More fire. More kickass vibration. No you will not keep baby in the corner. EVER.

There is no avoiding it. The only way out is through. Ride it. Smile.

This energy definitely won’t work for you if you still believe that once opening up the wild  you are gonna have to go back inside
anytime soon, so don’t cling to old ideas of safety here.

Be brave.

You have to believe in the inherent safety of the wildness. You know, God & The Goddess,  The Truth of the Wildness.


In the precarious Goldilocks balance  where you are not trying too hard & not phoning it in or avoiding the only way through is to actually welcome the wildness in, & not resist, stand strong but be flexible (i.e. allow yourself to be permeable *ouch* & step right into the ocean or fire of your choice).

It may seem beyond you. It’s not.


The most important thing to remember is this:
The Mother is working.
She has your back.
She is working on something big & it takes a minute.

Do what you can to be calm & assured.

We are opening a whole new cycle of time. It does not feel “right” but don’t be fooled.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ~ most forms of anxiety are learnt & based on the experiences of others that have come before you.

The Fear that entered me on Sunday nights belonged to my parents,
who inherited their Fear from the world of their childhood & parents, who inherited from their parents, well, you know, you get the picture.

Aside from personal Fear ancestry, most anxiety is free-flowing ~
literal rivers of grief.  You can catch it on the subway, while you are dreaming, definitely on Facebook.

Make an effort to be clear.

I am not speaking about the state of the union but I am not NOT speaking about the state of the union. I am speaking about all of us.
All of us deeply within & all of us deeply together. 99% of the time the Fear & Anxiety you encounter does not belong to you.

You don’t need to own it but you can definitely help move it along
for everyone else.

Instructions below.

Yield to each thing that confronts you, triggers or redirects you
in a bright, loving, intentional way & stare into it, without fear as it takes form.

Let it form, even if it hurts. See it.

It is the resistance of allowing these huge changes to take form
that is keeping us from really, truly believing in the possibility of the transcendence of spirit.

Whoa. I’m going to say that again:

It is the resistance of allowing these huge changes to take form
that is keeping us from really, truly believing in the possibility of the transcendence of spirit.

Penetrate to the core of each thing you encounter.

Let your focus, love & concentration be so generous, it opens every obstacle.

Make a vow. Then make it tender. No beating yourself up. That same generosity for every obstacle ~ ummm probably that first obstacle is YOU.

Be a crucible of love.
You can be so much bigger.
You can.
We can.

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