The Evening Star: Release Yourself From Fear Of The Future

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth ~ Pema Chodron

This morning I am a plane to Los Angeles, heading into a weekend full of oracle & unknowns, bang, bang, bang . . . AND THEN on Monday leaving early for Indonesia, where, to be honest, I barely have a whisper of what I am doing . . .

I am going to be honest with you. It feels CRAZY & VULNERABLE to be jumping right into the void right now.
Though some of you may think of me as a bit of a super human, I’m not actually.

I have had more than a few moments in the last couple of weeks, where I felt like collapsing, at least for a few heartbeats, tears were readily available . . 

But here is the thing, I have been trained to persevere in chaos. Finally after years of heavy lifting & practice, I have this second nature that sets in when things start flying around.

The voice inside:

“This is when you pray”
“Go deep, tether to the center of the earth”
“Keep your focus”
“On the other side of chaos is what you can’t see now”

And, most importantly: “Be there for others who can’t see yet.”

So here I am my beloveds. We got this & I got you.

In all your recalibrating in the last weeks, perhaps you have gazed up into the night sky for solace & noticed Venus burning so bright as the Evening Star.

She is so gorgeous.

Rising at dusk & staying with us in those  early evening hours, she continues.

She is at her brightest right now & she holds many keys to the gateway of what it means to ask for love & certainly what it means to receive.

We will have her leading us in this way  until March 15
when she will leave us to descend to the underworld & return as the Morning Star late March & bright through the Summer & into late Fall.

Throughout this month, Venus as the evening star will become slower, more direct & deliberate as she prepares for her descent. More mature & worldly wise, she has survived a rough patch of confrontation.

It is hard to stand front & center as a vessel of love, vulnerable, exposing her true self, sans masks & amour,
showing to the Gods & all of us what she is truly made of.

I feel her. And I feel all of you in your spectrum of the masculine & feminine, all of you lovers, in your compassion & feeling nature right now, with all the swells of extreme emotion out there.

As I said above, we got this & I got you.

Last year, I was in a extremely deep meditation & I received the epiphany that my heart was a pump, & MORE than just pumping my blood, it was a purifier for much emotional static, grief & anguish, loneliness & more . . . not just my own & not just my clients, but rather in the larger populace.

A pump that went into action when emotions rose to an unhealthy level, an automatic filter.

At first it was a bit overwhelming, but then I realized that this was being shown to me to wake me up, to give me a little bit more agency & a slight bit more control. So I could rest when I needed to. I could opt out from time to time.

I believe that many of you are filtering this energy as well.
Perhaps you already know it & already know some tricks.
In case, you are aware but somehow believe you need to be always at the ready . . . I am giving you permission to keep a practice that you can handle.

I am a bit repetitive here but please . . . ultra self-care.

This is what it means to be effective. This is what it means to be a leader. I need all of you in my crew so it would be lovely if you took care of yourselves.

I love you.
Hold your focus.
Be a reservoir of love.

This week I offered my Love Mastery Practice a one minute (or so) Meditation on Relieving Anxiety.  I want to gift it to you.

Replenish. Rebuild. Faith. Trust. Love.

Clear the path before your heart so the Divine can meet you there.

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