The Subtle Activism of the Moon

“When adversity hits you you think God has abandoned you. My God! What are you going to do? I tell you. Adversity only hits you in life to pull you out of attachment where you are confined”

~Yogi Bhajan

“People facing much harsher conditions than we are didn’t give up & that’s an important lesson”

~ Noam Chomsky

Here we are my angels ~ coming up for air  after an extra long dark moon this week . . .

I am not speaking {just} metaphorically ~ the term dark moon describes the period that the moon is invisible against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky.  It can be as simple as just the day
of the New Moon, but this week it was almost 3 days long.

I don’t think there is probably any sentient being on the planet that didn’t feel their share of darkness this week. It is interesting to realize we were missing that lunar glow as well: the mother, the continuity of nature’s cycles, beginning middle & end.

In the time before these things were documented in scientific form,
it appeared as if perhaps the moon was never coming back.

When the light returned, even the slightest glimmer *(which should be tomorrow night) it was perceived as a miracle.

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