Gemini New Moon: Imagine Being More Afraid Of Freedom Than Slavery Redux

“imagine being more afraid of freedom than slavery” is a line from the collection of poems by the same name authored by the powerful & gorgeous Pamela Sneed)

Here we are, just before the full transparency of the Summer Solstice coming up in less than a month, & getting our prayers in order for the Gemini New Moon (Thursday, May 25 at 3:44 PM).

If you think I’m gonna tell you to slide & take it easy . . ummmmmmmm that would be a no.

Sorry my angels.

Take a moment, RIGHT NOW, a 30 sec open-eyed savasana, find a drishti on the horizon or the sky above & appreciate the spaciousness, find whatever elegance you can find inside, rest while collecting yourself, cause you are gonna be using what you learned/earned in this last bit of time pretty much immediately.

Yes, that Love you have loosened  from its karmic moorings in the last Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Cycle is now free, free, free in yourselves & the world  . . . The stakes for self expression are the highest in Summer, our most awake time of year.

It is time to arise to the Love you have wakened, take the high road & really show up for what you have been asking of the Divine all year, since last Summer Solstice.

Take a deep breath & remember what you asked for over the last year.

What were your deepest, most consistent, repetitive prayers?

The Mystery has arrived to show herself.

She is present.

She heard you, all your sleepless nights  & open-hearted prayers. She got the message.

Believe in the strength of your prayers & in your ability to follow through on what it takes to believe in the truth of this answer.

That is your job. To believe that your prayers are answered & follow through.

We are all working together on this & although the work is never done, really & the rests in-between perhaps brief, it doesn’t matter because we are all in it together.

Caring for each other, chopping wood & carrying water . . beginning to embrace the quality of Love in the 5th dimension:

A Love not as an ends but an eternal means, as truth infinite,
truly exponential & completely & utterly multi-dimensional & with each act of intentional caring, the weight of the world is truly lessened.

This is Freedom.

Commit & Believe.

Together we can stop believing in the stop/start.

We can stop believing that we work hard in order to get a treat, stop believing that we face a fear in order to be safe, stop believing that we love completely merely in order to find the one, so we that we don’t need to search anymore.

The truth: we are altogether, all the time.

You are loved.
You are love.
Believe it, it is true.

Wake up. Spoon with the intense frequency of life & open your eyes.

Love is in the Air.

Walk Your Talk: The Chrysalis Of Shifting Lunar Nodes

There has been a lot of talk this week about the shift of the Lunar Nodes from Virgo/Pisces to Leo/Aquarius & the huge opportunity it offers for bringing creative projects & latent love affairs out of conceptualization, fantasy & obsession  into hardcore reality.

Well, yay.

But what does that mean?

The lunar nodes are not physical celestial bodies but important points in the sky in both our natal chart & also the sky as it develops in transit throughout our lives.

They are one of the many paths in Astrology, where we grow from one point to an opposing point, defining ourselves by contradiction.

The North Node (now in Leo), can be considered a point to where
we feel pulled or magnetized; inversely, the South Node (now in Aquarius) may feel depleting, or in aversion to where you need to go. 

If you know a bit about your chart, you can look to the houses where these signs live to see how this affects you specifically (or contact me for an Astro reading).

However, there is, of course, a larger cultural significance to this shift in the nodes ~ a calling for courage, an ending to the time of alienation & inward reflection as the North Node in Leo sets a platform to create something tangible out of what we have all experienced on the edge.

To bring rebellion & despair into a formthat heals & transforms in real time.

Emphasis on Real.
Get dirty.

Make it happen in a way that feels

In nature, absolutely all transformation comes from chaos.

When we think we are in charge, when we are micro-managing our transformation, we are holding back the natural momentum & flow
of transformation at a cellular level.

No matter what you believe in: the lens of ascension,  the lens of neurobiology,  the lens of earth science, the lens of astrology, the lens of human design . . . the human being (race) is being asked to take a huge evolutionary leap.

Things are being taken down to a seed level, literally, & we are being called on to eliminate everything that is no longer necessary. Our own lives operate as both micro & macrocosms for this physical, spiritual & emotional detox, a sacred lab to rebuild civilization from the bones.

Every little bit counts.

It is a place where trust is built.

None of us are healed until all of us are healed ~ and there is only one of us here.

How To REALLY Take Advantage Of Mercury Direct & Get Shit Done

“If we don’t truly love what is happening right here, we cannot love the world”
~ Tara Brach

When asked:
“What do we do when the world is too much for us?”

“All you need is already within you only you must approach yourself with reverence & love. Self condemnation & self distrust are grievous errors. Your constant flight from pain & search for pleasure is a sign of love you bear for yourself. All I plead with you is this ~ make love of yourself perfect. Deny yourself nothing. Give yourself infinity & eternity & discover that you do not need them, you are beyond.” 

~ Nisargadatta

I see you.

You have all been so diligent, loving & committed to your paths on this extended time of inward journey & trust, during this retrograde period.

Even if you do not believe this to be true, I know you are doing the best you can. It is all that we can do right now, be here with ourselves & muster up the most divine tenderness, reminding ourselves of that love that is true, infinite & always there for us.

We need to be reminded, as humans, that we are loved. Over & over again. It is part of this time, the remembering.

Feeling lost & actively remembering. It’s our job.

I love you.

Tomorrow I begin my first Intuitive Astrology class & on Wednesday, Mercury goes direct.

I chose this time intentionally to begin this class, for many reasons.

First of all, there is such an abundance of counsel & information out there: astrological, ascension, akashic, plant spirit, prophecy . . . on top of all the activism streams & the plain ole ridiculous media, social & otherwise . . I know it’s confusing, repetitive,contradictory . . overwhelming to say the least.

Who knows what is really going on?

You do, actually.

This is the time of accountability.
This is the Sacred Pause.
Wake up.

“Between the stimulus & the response there is a space & in that space lies
our power & our freedom”

~ Victor Frankel

The times when you feel overwhelmed is as if your soul is knocking on your door & handing you an envelope.

Look inside.
Do not look outside for guidance.
Try it.

In my Intuitive Astrology class the emphasis is actually NOT
on the Astrology, although understanding the meaning of these symbols & their cycles & their placement on your personal map is extraordinarily helpful.

The emphasis in the meditations & assignments is on intuition.
Learning to trust yourself. Learning to locate that voice
that says yes. Trust. Faith.

The Divine lives within & yes, you know this.

On Wednesday, May 3, Mercury goes direct.

A few weeks ago, I delved intensely into what this intensive retrograde season means for each of us.

You can read more here.

Mercury does into the darkness, the underworld so to speak,
to retrieve what we have forgotten & to leave behind what belongs there, in the unknown.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury on this May 3, when it turns direct is: A Widow at an Open Grave (4 degrees Taurus).

This is what this means for you in closing this Mercury Retrograde
(April 9 – May 3) (loosely, without knowing how it hits your chart):

Open wounds were visible at the beginning of this retrograde (April 9).

 Something had been left undone & needed addressing,
not in a direct way, but in deep listening, finding one’s way in the dark. Without language.

In this way of learning & holding space an intentional & loving closure was needed. Without language.

Perhaps what one thought was dead & gone was unearthed once again because the ritual of forgiving & releasing was incomplete, the letting go not faced, with a mirroring of the self at the forefront.

In this last shadow phase of recovery (until May 21) I pray that you are able to put old ghosts to rest, place your hands in the earth & bring a sense of peace.

Go forth in expansiveness with your sweet selves.

You got this.

I’m here.


The Big Squeeze: Embracing & Communicating In The Retrograde Season

Re-Heart your highest intent often, to avoid being pulled into creating lower intentions. Ask yourself: What is the highest, brightest, most complementary thing I can create in this moment to assist the Ascension? What act of love may I perform in this now moment? Try radical self-love, creative time, random acts of kindness, or acts of service.
~ Sandra Walter

Talk is okay, but start meaning it. You must use your ego . . . first of all, maximum service is when you commit yourself. Next is when you start walking in that commitment & third is when there comes a doubt or a stop or a dead-end, then you call and get clarification, & keep moving. Don’t break your speed.

I always say that when there’s a hang-up, keep up & mark time. Don’t get jammed. If you cannot proceed further, keep on marking time, somehow help will come. That’s the way to progress, that’s the way I progressed.
~ Yogi Bhajan

It’s Easter. 

I do love to pray when there are millions of other people praying everywhere, even when those prayers send a little shiver of resentment down my spine. I don’t give into it, I just focus on the upward movement. It is not worth the trouble, the toxicity it causes in my body & spirit  to do otherwise . . .

The first time I heard the story about Jesus & the cross, I was just a tiny kid, playing in the garden outside the summer house I shared
with my sisters & cousins. I remember her, Lillian, an older girl who lived next door who was a little bit mean.  She wanted my crayons & I said no,  I was using them at hat moment.  She proceeded to tell me the story of how Jesus had died for my sins as a means to make me feel that I was selfish, a sinner.

Now I can laugh about that, but at the time, the story touched my heart & I remembered all the nights that I could hear Lillian’s parents screaming at the her & her brother while I was trying to fall asleep, their screen door slamming beneath my window. I gave her the crayons &, of course, never saw them again.

Literally a million years later, I still think of Lillian when I think of Jesus. I think of selflessness & I think of self-love. I forgive myself for letting myself be bullied. And I know the crayons have come back ten-fold, time & time again.

“Creating a world of forgiveness is a living practice. You can create a world of forgiveness in  your own home today. Forgive the child that comes home late or yells at you once again. Forgive your spouse for the words they speak . . Transformation begins in in you wherever you are, whatever has happened, however you are suffering. Transformation is always possible. We do not heal in isolation.”
~ Desmond Tutu

There is a story about a village in Northern Thailand where there a large, several story high,  golden Buddha shrine lived with the villagers. When word came of an army approaching, the villagers worked together to cover the Buddha with clay & mud before fleeing for their lives.

Many generations later, a young girl was playing nearby & saw a glint of gold shining beneath the mud & worked with her friends & then her family & other villagers to break open the Buddha to the light once again. But he/she/they, The Light, had always been there.

This is where we are.

Together on this day celebrated for Ascension/Rising/Resurrection.

We are uncovering, melting, cracking, revealing ourselves to The Light, as The Light.

We must forgive ourselves, each other, for this trial with the mud, for the covering of truth, so that we can hold the intense  focus & concentration of this coming time of Light.

The mud is the tricky part. Gotta love the mud. Gotta forgive ourselves for our fear so we can learn that we only need protection
if we believe we do.

Venus went direct yesterday in the midst of a full season of retrogrades (list of planets, timelines & practice activities below).

Those of your that know me well &  follow me here, know that I love retrogrades, just as much as I love repetition in prayer, in poetry.

All retrograde means,  in planetary transits, is that you cover the same ground 3 times, twice forward & once backward.

It is the backward time, the actual retrograde periods (noted below)
where the deep magic happens, where you are not able to count on your left-brain logic & experience, where the void sometimes engulfs & Spirit is given full access to your ear & psyche.

It may feel like darkness but it is permission to unravel a bit,
to let in divine forces to present options, healing & unexpected epiphanies.

These are sacred times we are in.

Now that Venus is direct, she can assist & shed light with the more lengthy retrogrades: Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto & also the more sticky, troublesome ones: Mercury . . .

Venus retrograde (which began on March 4 & ended yesterday) focused on a re-evaluation of how we let Love in & out ~ & by Love, I include Money (energy that enables us to nourish & care for ourselves) & Self-Worth (self blessing) as well as the other, more Intimate forms of Love.

She stationed direct in very close proximity to Chiron (the planet of the wounded healer) & square to Saturn. This is a strong indicator of
(at least the opportunity) of the acceptance of a very deep wound. The opportunity for an initiation, a portal of leadership at many levels, however this may appear for you.

You are now able to move forward.
To forgive yourself &/or another.
To dissolve the nut at the center of your being . . .
should you accept this opportunity.

I pray for this courage for you & for me.

This is key: It will take a certain amount  of both strength & surrender TO MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE NOT TO REOPEN THE WOUND.

You have turned a corner.
Do not give up.

Dates for retrogrades:

Jupiter retrograde February 6 – June 9
(evaluating our visions, ideals, & belief systems preparing to build new platform)

Venus retrograde March 4 – April 15
(money & love areas are detoxed & refined ~ old relations could return to resume or to be completed)

Saturn retrograde April 5 – August 25
(time to work on palpable long term goals, responsibilities & duties, time to restructure the way we manifest our reality, & find a new attitude towards obstacles)

Mercury retrograde April 9 – May 3
(going inward ~ time to plan, research, integrate  & prepare for the next phase)

Pluto Retrograde April 20 – September 28
(reflection on strategies of change & transformation, possibility for deep release)

Sangha As Lover & Last Day For The Aries/Libra Lunar Prayer Practice: What You Can No Longer Endure

I take refuge in the sangha.
~Teachings of the Buddha

After you have practiced for a while, you realize that it is not possible to make rapid progress ~ progress is always little by little.
~ S Suzuki

The trees, water, air, birds & so on can all be members of (y)our sangha. A good walking path may be part of our sangha. A good cushion can be also.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As we get ready for yet another Lunar Cycle (beginning tomorrow evening with the Aries New Moon conjunct Venus Retrograde) I want to give you a few reminders on some ways to give simple support at this accelerated, illuminated time ~ so that you can
make the most of energies at hand.

For this is true, there is nothing going on, in the present moment or ever, that is not food for you, nourishment, opportunity.

It is as if the spirits or Spirit, {whatever you believe, it all comes from the same place} are serving you sacred food in the form of your daily events & larger lifetime curves.

We are sitting together at the table.

This is Sangha: A community of friends who practice love, intention & awareness together in order to forward themselves & the community in love & intention.

Just by opening this newsletter you are part of this Sangha.

Here. Thank you.

This might be enough, to open this letter & decide that you have the time to pay attention. Again, thank you.

What is necessary right now, more than anything, for you & for everyone, is that you stay in your Grace. That you collect yourself daily, or perhaps several times a day, & come to stillness.

You know you have reached stillness or shuniya when you begin to touch a larger (or tinier, everyone is different) vibration that feels a bit like a key in a lock. A weighted feeling that feels secure, a coming home.

It may be extremely subtle ~ thus the need for silence & stillness a few times a day . . . but practice makes perfect & with intention you will be able to find this sweet spot in the most casual of moments.

As often as you can make this sacred space for yourself the better.

It is as if shuniya by shuniya, brick by brick, we are building the architecture of love & awareness that will carry the world.

In reality we are just confirming it’s reality of course. It is already there, just past the veil of our addiction to the past & our suffering.
Together, in this sangha & many others, we are watching each other’s back & holding each other’s hand while we remember & hold the gate open.

Thank you again. I believe in you.

One more day to jump into this auspicious sangha ~ please come & sit with me.


This Month’s Theme:

The Aries/Libra Lunar Cycle will begins tomorrow ~
Monday, March 27 at 9:57 pm ET with the Aries New Moon.

This New Moon is conjunct with Venus Retrograde. It cultivates the intense personal focus of Aries, with no apology & forces reconciliation with the Venusian desire to be held by that soul mate, that twin flame.

Where are you selling yourself short? Where are you giving when you really want to ask for more? Where are you giving when you need to commit to your higher mission? Have you cleared the space in heart, head & hand to really truly see that mission unimpeded, uninterrupted?

During this lunar cycle, you will be so hypersensitive to others you may have to draw the blinds ~ often & yes, without apology.

Practice makes perfect. Choose yourself again & again until you are saturated with Being.

This is the Aries/Libra Lunar Axis.

Let me help you figure out a plan to stay with your convictions.

Welcome to the Future.

At the center of the practice ~ two intuitive Video guides {one at the New Moon ~ one at the Full Moon] to this month’s astrology including:

Aries New Moon March 27
Moon conjunct Venus Retrograde
Mercury conjunct Uranus
Saturn square Chiron

Jupiter square Pluto March 30

Venus enters Pisces April 2
Saturn Retrograde April 6
Mercury Retrograde April 9

Libra Full Moon April 11

Venus direct April 15

Pluto Retrograde April 20

Taurus New Moon April 26

In addition to the New Moon & Full Moon videos you will receive:

*specific guidelines for altar preparation
*diet, essence & kundalini kriya/meditation prescription for the month,
*personalized mantra for prayer according to your natal moon sign & phase
(please send birth info including time, place & full date)

$25 for one Lunar Cycle

Virgo Full Moon: I Am Not In My Body, My Body Is In Me

We should realize in a vivid & revolutionary sense that we are not in our bodies but our bodies are in us.
~ Ruth St. Denis

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.
~ 1 Corinthians 6:19

What a powerful transition we sat with this past weekend, The Full Moon in Virgo yesterday morning was both the last Full Moon of the
Zodiac Year as well as the height of such an auspicious Lunar cycle built on that powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon of a few weeks ago.

Virgo is an interesting sign with a lot of bad press & contradictory implications. Known as excessively detail oriented  & even rigid at times, Virgo is the most disciplined & pure of all the signs, honest to a fault & accountable.

The Virgo Moon is the Virgin, this is clear.

There is a certain level of ecstasy intact in the Virgin. Often a young or younger woman, the Virgin has no filter between her & God. Both her prayers & her body are complete unto herself. She is a vessel for the Beloved. There is no distraction.

We can only be so lucky at this hectic time on the planet ~ to have no distraction in our search for God.

It seems like every minute there is a crisis, every minute a reason to doubt, so much pressure, so much free fall ~ but perhaps this weekend we got a glimpse of the divine opening, the detox, the god filter.

Getting clean.

It’s a possibility.

If only for a heartbeat, to shine the way.

I know you know this, but let me place the divine reminder  in your hand:

Nothing happens by accident.

No matter how awkward, surprising or uncomfortable.

I spent the weekend in ceremony in a room that I have spent much time in. Because of my role in the events held in this room, I usually sit in the same spot, but in a series of (Of course) perfect synchronous events, not the least of which my oft mentioned change of travel plans in the last month, I ended up sitting on the opposite side of the room.

Sitting directly above my usual seat  was a painting that I had only glanced at before. In this situation, the evening/morning of the Virgo Full Moon I had the opportunity to stare into it continuously.

It was a painting of gold, 3 feet wide with a dove or Holy Spirit at the center. To one side was a bald eagle, to the other was a raven.

In the weeks leading up to this ceremony, I had been in almost a perpetual state of alarm, nothing I couldn’t handle, but severely uncomfortable.

I thought that the only way through would be a breakdown or breakthrough that would be chaotic & disassembling, something that would take up a lot of room, disturb other people.

Instead, as I stared up into this painting I became more & more clear,
more simple, less dramatic. There were moments that I thought  nothing was happening.

I was patient & suddenly it did not matter what I was waiting for.

I had all the time in the world because I was all the time in the world.

This is Virgo. This is the Virgin state. This is the clear field before the activation of the seed that begins in Aries & on The Vernal Equinox (March 20).

This is the letting go. We can do this.

Antidotes For The Pisces New Moon Eclipse Brouhaha (Bruja Smile)

“There is no ladder to ascend” ~ The Path

“The glass is, & was, always full” ~ Sandra Walter

“You don’t need to do everything. Do what calls your heart; effective action comes from love. It is unstoppable, & it is enough” ~ Joanna Macy

Welcome to the maelstrom my beauties,

I hope it is helpful for all of you that I continue to send these messages because sometimes it takes all I’ve got to sit down & focus enough to send them. However I do love myself enough to keep my center & I know that when I am of service everything sits a little bit clearer.

So here we are.

My last email laid out a lot of the groundwork for this rowdy weekend of cosmic wrestling. If there is someone you would rather NOT have it out with, I recommend you either stay clear or bring in some super hero mediation support OR do both, pray hard, call in some angels & go for it.

This period of Destabilization (not just this weekend but these last few years & the next one coming) has been predicted for literally eons. The current US president is just a symptom of loss of equilibrium that began generations ago.

The turbulence of the next few days should be mostly internal
however many of us have experienced or may experience sudden redirection of our path, disruption in what we thought was constant & true, the veil lifting on things that we had long stored away as finished. Surprise.

This should be celebrated. I’m going to show you how.

Our entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light, including our bodies. This is how we connect to the universe & to the divine streams of energy that bring life to all of nature’s gorgeousness & that mysteriously move us to take action, over & over again, in spite of all difficulties, to make art, make war, make money, make trouble, make love.

As embodied beings, as we are moved to Make over & over again. Although we may be exquisitely aware of this sexy & divine light consciousness that runs through us, we also experience with our seemingly reliable senses, the differences between things, the hard edges, the separation.

It is our raison d’être to face this (or not) everyday. This weekend’s cluster fuck of  frustration & inspiration feels like the straw that broke the camel’s back. WTF. This is ridiculous. Why bother. I.Just.Can’t.

I am here to tell you it can be so easy. It was never meant to be hard.

The main solution for the coming days is a combination of laying low (yep, resting), removing expectations in a very specific & generous way, being kind to one another,  staying open AND feeling each cell of your body as a star.

Fill with light.

It’s not a cliche and you don’t need to have some radical epiphany or enlightenment, no key card to an exclusive club to do this.

You are meant to be fully efficient with love.

You are meant to be open & receive everything you need to know,
to be completely successful on your path.

Don’t give up now. Just try again. Use a tiny bit more effort.
Release yourself. Experience who you are. Do not edit or try to abandon who you are.

The absolute, most important thing is that you keep the way clear.

Just like sweeping the floor. Do what you can. Little by little.

Subtle Activism. Pray.

Here is some good limpia medicine for you that takes practically no effort:

This piece of sound healing has helped me through the extreme dreaming & sensory disruptions of the last few weeks. It is channeled by Tom Kenyon. whose generous & visionary work
is absolutely necessary if you are interested in exploring the noosphere & the 5th Dimension. Also for healing up your nervous system if you just can’t help it & you are already there & feeling the shocks to your system.

You can play it on repeat while you sleep (amazing) or just play it while you are sitting (about 10 min long). The simplified instructions are:

Basic level: just listen
Intermediate level: listen with your body
Advanced level: listening with your body as a galaxy of light
(yes yes yes your body is so inherently joyful this actually happens more easily than you would think)

Restoration by Tom Kenyon
(follow the link through ~ you need to agree to the copyright & then you get a free download)

The Way Through: The Love Artist Guide To The Eclipse Season

“Remember that the heart is infinite as you play with the finite constructs of the mind level. As the frequencies emanating from Gaia support pure creator beingness, the responsibility becomes yours; how you direct that energy for both your personal path & your service work.

Practice responsible creation, & do not ruminate or stagnate in the old timeline energies as they drop away. Move forward with clarity, joy & an open heart because so much is becoming available to us”

~ Sandra Walter

Trust begets trust. Generosity begets generosity. Love begets love. Be the spark, especially when it’s dark.

~ Notes from the Universe

It’s a Sunday night as I sit down to write this, a time that has always felt inherently unstable to me since childhood. Simply, it was the bridge between the domestic & the wild. For the open-ended, non-regulated time of the weekend & the anxiety that came from being forced back into the form & constrictions of the school week.

I was just a kid. I didn’t think about it too much. I don’t which gave me more anxiety, the unstructured intimacy with my family (open-ended time with my parents who I didn’t really spend time with during the week) or the fact that I knew that the freedom wasn’t real, that sooner or later I would have to come back inside.

One of the many things we are learning at this precarious time
(or re-learning) is a new relationship with the wildness, a new translation of freedom, a new level of discomfort with the definition of what it means to be real & present.

We began this high intensity eclipse season last Friday, February 10 with a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

It opened the window for soul lessons that most of us would rather avoid, I’m not gonna pretty it up for you. In the next week,  as we prepare for the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse (next Sunday, February 26) we have Mars in Aries kicking up a shit storm with both Pluto & Uranus & we will feel the need to bust up our prisons, whatever that may mean to us personally.

You may already be feeling it.

We will also have the (often) repressed (& burning with an irrepressible purifying rage) feminine libidinal power of the asteroid Lilith moving in Sagittarius this week. More fire. More kickass vibration. No you will not keep baby in the corner. EVER.

There is no avoiding it. The only way out is through. Ride it. Smile.

This energy definitely won’t work for you if you still believe that once opening up the wild  you are gonna have to go back inside
anytime soon, so don’t cling to old ideas of safety here.

Be brave.

You have to believe in the inherent safety of the wildness. You know, God & The Goddess,  The Truth of the Wildness.


In the precarious Goldilocks balance  where you are not trying too hard & not phoning it in or avoiding the only way through is to actually welcome the wildness in, & not resist, stand strong but be flexible (i.e. allow yourself to be permeable *ouch* & step right into the ocean or fire of your choice).

It may seem beyond you. It’s not.


The most important thing to remember is this:
The Mother is working.
She has your back.
She is working on something big & it takes a minute.

Do what you can to be calm & assured.

We are opening a whole new cycle of time. It does not feel “right” but don’t be fooled.

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ~ most forms of anxiety are learnt & based on the experiences of others that have come before you.

The Fear that entered me on Sunday nights belonged to my parents,
who inherited their Fear from the world of their childhood & parents, who inherited from their parents, well, you know, you get the picture.

Aside from personal Fear ancestry, most anxiety is free-flowing ~
literal rivers of grief.  You can catch it on the subway, while you are dreaming, definitely on Facebook.

Make an effort to be clear.

I am not speaking about the state of the union but I am not NOT speaking about the state of the union. I am speaking about all of us.
All of us deeply within & all of us deeply together. 99% of the time the Fear & Anxiety you encounter does not belong to you.

You don’t need to own it but you can definitely help move it along
for everyone else.

Instructions below.

Yield to each thing that confronts you, triggers or redirects you
in a bright, loving, intentional way & stare into it, without fear as it takes form.

Let it form, even if it hurts. See it.

It is the resistance of allowing these huge changes to take form
that is keeping us from really, truly believing in the possibility of the transcendence of spirit.

Whoa. I’m going to say that again:

It is the resistance of allowing these huge changes to take form
that is keeping us from really, truly believing in the possibility of the transcendence of spirit.

Penetrate to the core of each thing you encounter.

Let your focus, love & concentration be so generous, it opens every obstacle.

Make a vow. Then make it tender. No beating yourself up. That same generosity for every obstacle ~ ummm probably that first obstacle is YOU.

Be a crucible of love.
You can be so much bigger.
You can.
We can.

The Evening Star: Release Yourself From Fear Of The Future

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth ~ Pema Chodron

This morning I am a plane to Los Angeles, heading into a weekend full of oracle & unknowns, bang, bang, bang . . . AND THEN on Monday leaving early for Indonesia, where, to be honest, I barely have a whisper of what I am doing . . .

I am going to be honest with you. It feels CRAZY & VULNERABLE to be jumping right into the void right now.
Though some of you may think of me as a bit of a super human, I’m not actually.

I have had more than a few moments in the last couple of weeks, where I felt like collapsing, at least for a few heartbeats, tears were readily available . . 

But here is the thing, I have been trained to persevere in chaos. Finally after years of heavy lifting & practice, I have this second nature that sets in when things start flying around.

The voice inside:

“This is when you pray”
“Go deep, tether to the center of the earth”
“Keep your focus”
“On the other side of chaos is what you can’t see now”

And, most importantly: “Be there for others who can’t see yet.”

So here I am my beloveds. We got this & I got you.

In all your recalibrating in the last weeks, perhaps you have gazed up into the night sky for solace & noticed Venus burning so bright as the Evening Star.

She is so gorgeous.

Rising at dusk & staying with us in those  early evening hours, she continues.

She is at her brightest right now & she holds many keys to the gateway of what it means to ask for love & certainly what it means to receive.

We will have her leading us in this way  until March 15
when she will leave us to descend to the underworld & return as the Morning Star late March & bright through April.

Throughout this month, Venus as the evening star will become slower, more direct & deliberate as she prepares for her descent. More mature & worldly wise, she has survived a rough patch of confrontation.

It is hard to stand front & center as a vessel of love, vulnerable, exposing her true self, sans masks & amour,
showing to the Gods & all of us what she is truly made of.

I feel her. And I feel all of you in your spectrum of the masculine & feminine, all of you lovers, in your compassion & feeling nature right now, with all the swells of extreme emotion out there.

As I said above, we got this & I got you.

Last year, I was in a extremely deep meditation & I received the epiphany that my heart was a pump, & MORE than just pumping my blood, it was a purifier for much emotional static, grief & anguish, loneliness & more . . . not just my own & not just my clients, but rather in the larger populace.

A pump that went into action when emotions rose to an unhealthy level, an automatic filter.

At first it was a bit overwhelming, but then I realized that this was being shown to me to wake me up, to give me a little bit more agency & a slight bit more control. So I could rest when I needed to. I could opt out from time to time.

I believe that many of you are filtering this energy as well.
Perhaps you already know it & already know some tricks.
In case, you are aware but somehow believe you need to be always at the ready . . . I am giving you permission to keep a practice that you can handle.

I am a bit repetitive here but please . . . ultra self-care.

This is what it means to be effective. This is what it means to be a leader. I need all of you in my crew so it would be lovely if you took care of yourselves.

I love you.
Hold your focus.
Be a reservoir of love.

This week I offered my Love Mastery Practice a one minute (or so) Meditation on Relieving Anxiety.  I want to gift it to you.

Replenish. Rebuild. Faith. Trust. Love.

Clear the path before your heart so the Divine can meet you there.

The Subtle Activism of the Moon

“When adversity hits you you think God has abandoned you. My God! What are you going to do? I tell you. Adversity only hits you in life to pull you out of attachment where you are confined”

~Yogi Bhajan

“People facing much harsher conditions than we are didn’t give up & that’s an important lesson”

~ Noam Chomsky

Here we are my angels ~ coming up for air  after an extra long dark moon this week . . .

I am not speaking {just} metaphorically ~ the term dark moon describes the period that the moon is invisible against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky.  It can be as simple as just the day
of the New Moon, but this week it was almost 3 days long.

I don’t think there is probably any sentient being on the planet that didn’t feel their share of darkness this week. It is interesting to realize we were missing that lunar glow as well: the mother, the continuity of nature’s cycles, beginning middle & end.

In the time before these things were documented in scientific form,
it appeared as if perhaps the moon was never coming back.

When the light returned, even the slightest glimmer *(which should be tomorrow night) it was perceived as a miracle.

with Kathe Izzo