How Much Do You Want What You Say You Want?

“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all” ~ John Cage

I wish I could tell it is going to be easier this month . . . Well, actually, phew . . . in a way it IS easier because the whole operation, all these new systems we are integrating & all the cleanup/debris of the old systems that are being swept away, has suddenly become a lot more real, more tangible, less conceptual & astral. A lot more chop wood/carry water.

There is work to be done. The time is now. Get on your work boots & gloves & your big girl/boy ummmm . . . panties cause now we do what we said we were going to do.

What is that you said you wanted?
What was it that you were whining about that you need/want/know you were destined to become/create/manifest?
What is it that you are just so tired of?
What is it that you know you are absolutely  finished with?

Oh, yeah, that . . . . .

Keep it simple. Wake up tomorrow & as soon as you open your eyes, sit straight up & put your hand on your heart, first tell yourself you love yourself (& mean it), feel the divine enter your crown chakra (& mean it), & flood yourself with light & then say out loud, I AM.

You can add whatever you want after that or just be one with the Beloved. With your hands or with your breath or with smudge,
bless yourself, bless yourself,  bless yourself.

Then get up & do something real. Start an activity that you can
touch & see. Finish something today. Make it happen.

With Venus rising higher & higher into the evening sky, the focus continues to be on love: self-love, unconditional love, moving the molecules with shakti however that arises, the balance of the masculine & the feminine.

This is at the source of everything else that one may think of as a crisis: climate change, racism, misogyny, poverty, famine, corporate malfeasance, depression, opiate addiction . . . all of it comes down to a balance of the masculine & feminine, all of it comes down to the need for a new understanding of gender: no more enslavement, no more lack of respect, no more denying one’s own vulnerablity or subjugating the vulnerability of others.

And, no, it is not just men that need  to look at this, it is not just rich people, it is not just powerful people, we ALL need to come into balance.

It may mean talking/doing less, it may mean talking/doing more.

For the moment, & excuse me for oversimplifying ~ in the most personal way, it comes down to the body & how you bring your body
into alignment with the powerful energies that are present right now.

When do you really own your flow.
How can you balance the doing & the being.
Not resisting.
Moving your molecules.
Taking a leap in trust to do something different.

And yes, staying with the process even when you think it is boring.

This is Walking Your Talk.

Keeping It Real: In Between the Eclipses

I am here. I know it has been a while. I have slowed down on the newsletters a bit, so deep in my new coaching platforms & super busy with so much interest in the Lunar Prayers.

Thank you.

I am so grateful that so many of you are choosing to go deeper with your practices & it is truly a pleasure to support that.

The Moon is quite a persistent lover these days. No chance of falling asleep on THAT job, the Mother of all Creation.

Be super aware of what is on your plate right now. For there are no accidents.

No what ifs, no coulda/shoulda/woulda. No prayers that you think are going unanswered.

Your prayer is answered. Your medicine is what is happening right now.

Whether we like it or not, we are meeting the Divine halfway
& resistance is futile.

If you stare right into the fire,
if you stare right into the medicine,
if you stare right into the loneliness,
if you stare right into the snow,
if you stare right into the love,
you will find the gold key.

It is right there. Hallelujah. What you have been looking for all along.

I have been saying all along that any idea that we may have of  The Future is Feminine or The Goddess Rising is so immature & lacking in imagination compared to what the Source energy can possibly hold for us.

Although the voices of the feminine in the #MeToo & #ItsTime movements may seem like matrix sound bites by now (it is hard to know how many layers of contrived reality we are consuming, just look at any episode of Black Mirror or Electric Dreams) it is clear that something huge is shifting & the fracture that has opened up,
though ridiculously cliche could not have been predicted  . . .  only cliche because it is SO TRUE.

Let it be a reminder to yourself that anytime you say that something is inevitable “just the way it is” . .  anytime you believe the story you are living as non-negotiable you are losing your sovereignty & there is no one to blame but yourself.

*(ooooh, strict mama now)*

Do not allow yourself to fall asleep. And by fall asleep, I mean fall into a trance of blame, or smugness, a trance of thinking you are ‘safe’ from this process of change because you may intellectually understand or have the dollars to pay for enough therapy, meditation or medicine. That you may be ahead of the game.

I don’t say this to instill fear, for I do know with all certainty that we are indeed all safe.

I am merely imploring you to live your lives as if you are on the front line of care for the most beautiful, radiant child. Be that awake. Be that in love. Be that engaged.

This is the medicine that will get you through.

But you probably know all this already, cause whoaaaaa that  Full Lunar Eclipse. A testament to the understated spectacle. To the dream that alters you even when you don’t remember it. By staying present, you feel your way through.

Behind the mind. This is the Lunar realm & we are so lucky to be receiving  this Phd training in the unknown.

This eclipse cycle ends on the upcoming  New Moon in Aquarius on February 15. There is no coincidence that it is almost on  the mirage of Valentine’s Day for, as I have been discussing here  & in the Lunar Practice, Venus is making a lot of gorgeous noise, flirting & overtly fucking with all the big guns: Sun, Moon, Neptune, Pluto & always with her consort Mars.

She is right there, on her way to full visibility as the Evening Star in a few weeks. Love/Intimacy/Relationships in the forefront when the world feels so chaotic? Yep. And balanced by the disciplinarian
Saturn so happy in Capricorn? Yep. This means commitment, complete integrity & walking your talk in the name of Love. Showing up. Taking a risk. Seem crazy when everyone is so edgy & uncomfortable? The best time for honesty & True Love.

You can handle it. Just realize it may not look like  what you think it should. Remember, we don’t know anything.

Advanced Teachings

Ceres,  a dwarf planet/asteroid almost the size of Pluto is named after the mother of Persephone/Venus. She was conjunct the Moon on this last eclipse & will be on the fingertip of a Yod *(also known as The Finger of God, an astrological aspect that is a very narrow extended triangle, resembling a finger).

A more esoteric astrological transit to be sure but so significant on these eclipses with Venus rising.

Ceres is a Mother of the highest degree. She was married to many Gods or including the full spectrum of Light & Dark (Zeus & Hades)
AND she remained totally free to create  & channel the Shakti-verse
(also known as Demeter) without the help of any of her lovers. Known as the protector of Mothers, yet often without her children by design or by force, she continually resurrects in full power while also surrendering to violent sexual advances, including rape.
Surrender & Rise. Surrender & Rise. All full flow. No constricting definitions. No looking back. No blame. No story. All life.

I am not justifying. I am just reporting. I am honoring the resilience
of The Goddess.

In preparation for the closure of this Eclipse cycle (including the summer Eclipses on August 7 & 21) take some time to walk on the earth barefoot, if only for a moment. Take some time to stare into the fire. Into your loneliness. Into the vastness. And tell yourself the truth. As if you were free. You are.

Answer the Call.

I know you know what I am talking about.

A Love Supreme: New Moon & Eclipse Cycle Ushering in The Return of the Evening Star

I find it’s only when something is trying to come through  I really practice. And then . . .  I don’t know how many hours. It’s all day.

~ John Coltrane

Happy Newest of the Years. I hope you are feeling good today. Even if you wanna say you’re not (good, awesome, clear). Hope you are able to cherish this time of the stripping away & find some truth there. I know . . . truth is relative & we are all doing the best we can.
The idea that we can ever truly know what is right for anyone else, that we could possibly know what another person is thinking or expect them to understand us . . .  this idea is such a burden.

How about we say in 2018 we cannot make assumptions about  ANYONE else’s experience?

And that, because of this unknowing ~ any efforts to control another person’s behavior is such a huge waste of energy. That, in absolutely every situation, we collectively can save enough personal electrical energy & empower ourselves with surrender, love & light that it will create a reservoir, enough to melt the resistance of those  who do not understand love (& all that suffer from their lack of understanding).

It is worth a try. Venus is in the house. True Love.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long  as your heart is open.

The upcoming New Moon in Capricorn (this coming Tuesday, January 16 at 9:17 pm) is conjunct Venus. This means that both the Sun & Moon are conjunct Venus & just last week, on January 9, the Sun & Pluto were conjunct with Venus.

Venus is a planet that lives close to us on Earth. She illuminates how our values interact with our need & expression of intimacy & love. She is a personal planet. Usually the ramifications of her movements
are something that affect us intimately, more privately.

It is interesting that she is featured so prominently this particular lunar cycle. It is the first eclipse season post that  earth/paradigm shattering Full Solar Eclipse on August 21.

The next days are a good time to ponder the events of the last 5-6 months of your life. The decisions, disruptions, red flags, gifts of the last 6 months are the beginnings of your new Weltanschauung or innate understanding of the universe.

Whether or not you have surrendered yet, it is  true that everything is new. This can definitely be disorienting. You can resent it. You can resist it. Or you take your get-out-of-jail-free card & start a whole new world. In your heart. In your own backyard.

But back to Venus. I will be sharing more in a month or two, when Venus truly shows herself above the horizon bright & clear, right after sunset, as The Evening Star. However in actuality, in the realm where things exist that you must belief even if you cannot prove it with your eyes, Venus passed the Sun a few days ago & is indeed in the twilight of the night sky.

She has returned. The beautiful path of Venus, a perfect algorithm illustrated above, is a 5 pointed star of above & below. She regularly guides us as the brightest star of the morning & night sky & her ‘descent’ or absence when she passes in between these very different definitions of Evening & Morning Star affects us on a cellular level.

We deeply feel what we think to be the absence of love.

It tests us. It tries our faith. We rant & we rave. However, if we let it,
this absence of love actually proves to us the continuum of presence,
of a larger container of care, of a Love Supreme.

Not a Love we can control.
Not a pretty, convenient Love.
But a Love that forms us.

Love always returns.
Absence teaches us how to love.
Discomfort teaches us what comfort is.
Tragedy drives prayer, drives Faith.

Unfortunate but true.

We are human beings.

We are weirdly designed to play hard ball.
We don’t have to play it that way, but it is our default.
It is how we learn.

If you remember, I said above  that Venus is not only about love
but also about values. I think that is key in our what we are examining in this segue between eclipse realities & why Venus is leading the way ~ & (especially with last week’s conjunction with Pluto) ~ Love’s values are in the forefront of every conundrum on the planet right now.

What is at the heart of racial understanding?
What is at the heart of economic parity?
What is at the heart of sustainable living?
What is at the heart of gender equity?

Values & Love.

Take the next days to see how what you love reflects your values.

How can you love more? More clearly, with less attachment to outcome.

No matter what.

Not for a specific reason.

As a daily practice.

Do what you can today, right now to open your heart & keep it open.

Don’t worry about the small stuff.

Don’t worry about the big stuff.

Make an altar in your heart for this New Moon & upcoming Eclipse Season.

Behind your judgments is a vulnerability.

Put that vulnerability on your altar.


(cover image: lexx valdez)

What Belongs To You Will Come To You: Step By Step Instructions For A Powerful 2018

We are so fortunate to have so many opportunities to begin again.

You can start your New Year at any time of course:
Day of the Dead, Winter Solstice,  The first day of Spring, your Birthday, this very moment, right now, that you are reading this. But there is something about January 1 as arbitrary as it is, that carries so much power if only be because of the collective rolling celebration all over this world as the numbers shift, the ball drops,
the hugs & kisses . . . the coming together.

You feel it when you wake up on New Years Day. No matter what the weather everything feels erased & clear, forgiven, golden & ultimately possible.

So whoever came up with all this Happy New Year fuckery, here we are my beloveds.

Happy New Year.

Let’s ride this mother fucking wave because if Mama is gonna get fucked let’s treat her like the ABSOLUTE QUEEN that she is.

And, as we would all so fortunately have it ~ She is Us & We are She.

This is the Real Deal.

Show up.
Level up.
Own up.
Lift up.


And I love you as I love myself.

As I so often quote from the Course in Miracles:

None of us are healed until all of us are healed ~ & there is only one of us here.


Sooooooooooo, no matter how many different ways I have cajoled you here, no matter how bored you may be with my rap ~ or even worse! no matter how comforted you are that I will continue to mama you & tell you everything is gonna be alright . . . NOW IS THE TIME.

Now is the time to heal yourself.
No one else is going to heal you.
No love is gonna make your life shine.
No movie/rock star agent is gonna find you drinking yr coffee & offer you a deal.
No guru is gonna be your god.

You are everyone.
You hold the world in your hand.
You hold the cure for all fatal illness in your heart.
You are The New Year.
You are everyone.
You are community.
Right now.
In your pajamas.
In your possible food/alcohol/weed/etc hangover.
In your naked self.
You are the world.

Now that makes everything a whole lot easier because you do not need to wait for anyone else to wake up & get their shit together.

You have the key right there. In your beautiful, blinking eyes & uber shiny hopeful heart.


This is what to do:

1. Assess the situation RIGHT NOW.
How do you feel, in all honesty.
What is the longing?
What is the wound?
What is missing?

If you are feeling awesome in the moment {Yay} take a moment to find the key repetitive scenario that you have been carrying over year after year & use this for your investigation.

2. Identify the bottomline emotion: fear, disappointment, shame, anger, sadness.

3. Locate this emotion in your body & do not resist it. Feel the holding. Find it. You can let it go. Believe & do it. Focus. Your body & brain can speak with each other if only for a moment.

4. Breathe.

5. No matter how much therapy you have done, no matter how many times you have visited this very emotion, feel it in your body & move right now. Just a tremor will do. This is Celebration. Enjoy.

6. Make some time for yourself. Write down the times you have felt this exact way: in your mind, in your body. Start now & move backward. Do not dwell on the details. Detach with love from your suffering. Keep a little shake in there when you need it. Just do it. With love.

7. Look at these notes. Look at the longing. See what you have been asking for. You have been asking for something. See it there. Over & Over.

8. In some form, in this very day, in this New Year,  give yourself what you have been asking for. TAKE ACTION.

9. Continue to take action. Obvious, intentional action. On this very thing. Give yourself what you are longing for. You can do this. There is no doubt. You can do this.

Self love is not boring. Giving yourself something you have been waiting for someone else to give you is not giving up.

If you have read this through & you think you have  seen this before, you probably have. I did not make this kind of healing up.

But the answer is TAKE ACTION.
The answer is IT IS ONLY YOU.
The answer is MAKE IT REAL.

In this healing, you bring food to starving children. In this healing, you bring new growth to the decimated forests. In this healing, you bring peace.

For we truly need to get over ourselves to move on. In this personal liberation, you bring hope & everyone can breathe.

The Interior Castle: The Sagittarius New Moon & Winter Solstice

“The path of meditation has been critical, because I’m a very passionate person. And I have learned to actually down-regulate & to become more sensitive without being hyper-aroused, which would cause me to withdraw.

A near enemy to compassion is sorrow. And that’s that sorrow, that’s me getting wrecked by the picture of the child in the newspaper so that I can’t actually help them.

This is why I meditate. To be useful.”

~ Joan Halifax

This is my favorite time of year. Not because of the Christmas music & the gifts, but because of the looming darkness.

Yep, I am one of those freaks that love the short days, the fire, the long dreaming nights. The same way I love the time before dawn. Sometimes I think I have missed my calling as a true monastic but then again . . I love to dance in the sun too much.

Actually it was in my contemplation on the dark that I recently was reflecting on the writings of Plato & specifically the famous allegory of The Cave ~ (I suggest you check it out but here is a  very simple version) ~

There is a civilization living in cave that are experiencing life through a continual play of shadows on the wall, basically a puppet show that is run by someone behind them, placing objects before a fire. This puppet master also creates the voices & this is all the people know. They are shackled. They are prisoners.

Above them people walk freely & experience a whole other life of true living, breathing form.

We all have our version of this. Our stories. Our excuses. Our matrixes. I plead with you here to take a moment. Do not think of this as a cliche. That you are already awake. We are all in some version of the cave. There are so many ways to wake up.

In the story of the Cave, Plato speaks about how difficult it is to turn one’s head & stare into the fire & know the truth. How even more terrifying it is to step into the light outside. To move one’s feet & body freely.

This is the invitation. To move freely. To see. To understand the power of the cave. To be compassionate. To be useful.

And it is the absolutely perfect time of year to take some time for deep listening. To prepare yourself to let go. To not continually engage with the negative deluge of information & find the true invitation.

I support you.

“The increased pace of data you have to process is beyond your capability as a biological organism to cope with & you are shifting ~ as a culture ~ to a technologically-based reality.

As a result of this dependence upon technology you are entering a type of techno-servitude . . . Were you a truly benevolent species, the acceleration of your technological culture could advance the quality of all life, but you are not collectively a benevolent species. And some of the newly emerging technologies that could enhance planetary life are being commandeered by forces that wish to control & enslave.

From one perspective what you are experiencing in your world is catastrophic in nature. From another perspective it is a highly potent evolutionary catalyst. In other words, the metamorphosis of your world could destroy you or propel you into higher states of consciousness. The choice, at an individual level, between personal destruction or an ascent into a higher dimensional reality is yours.”

~ The Hathors

(Here is a link to the full transmission from The Hathors received this November)

This month’s Lunar Prayer is a perfect way to begin your new practices with integrity. The Sagittarius New Moon (December 18) falls just a few days before Winter Solstice. It is the ultimate seat of wisdom: a perfect time to connect with the unknown & set your deepest intentions in place.

{Including Winter Solstice & New Year Prayers}


When you have grown still on purpose while everything around you is asking for your chaos, you will find the doors between every room of this interior castle thrown open, the path home to your true love unobstructed after all. Waste no time. Enter the center of your soul.

~ St Teresa of Avila

It has been an incredibly rigorous year & you have done quite well. It has been an honor to support you in your relentless intentions to be  the person you know yourself to me.

The path that has haunted you from birth as well as the burden of all the misconceptions & seemingly false paths (nothing is by accident), have led you to this moment in time, a clearing in your personal & historic chaos.

One the one hand, this miraculous lunar cycle may feel like merely a respite, a place to feed & clothe yourself, rest up before the next weary journey.

However, if you have the ability to employ both stillness & rigorous honesty, this time in the Interior Chapel can be a time of homecoming.

To truly inhabit & furnish this place of authentic soul purpose is yours. You have earned it. Let me support you in staying. Staying & trusting.

This is your personal invitation to THE INTERIOR CASTLE : The Sagittarius/Cancer Lunar Practice.


A DIY package complete with video astral revelations, altar suggestions, prescription for diet, essence & kriya & personalized mantra

available each monthly cycle new moon to new moon

Build & maintain a practice of clear vision beginning on The Sagittarius New Moon December 18.

Love above all, always & forever.


Be Who You Are: Full Moon In Gemini, Chiron & Neptune Direct & Mercury Retrograde

Shimmy up to your screens for a moment & let’s snuggle. I am feeling really good this morning & it is a blessed relief. I am a bit of psychic pressure barometer & though I love the prospect of  not being a muggle in the slightest, this kind of gift comes with what may be
interpreted as a downside. I say “may” be interpreted because it is
no secret that I believe it all to be opportunity {particularly the uncomfortable}.

Over the last couple of years, I have woken up at my beloved pre-dawn Amrit & 9 times out of 10, I have felt nauseous & dizzy with a heaviness in my heart. I am blessed to have many healers  in my circle of friends & family & it became quite clear that many others felt the same & that much of this was viral, a sensitivity to loss, grief & suffering of global or universal proportion & that while I was sleeping, I was continually entering that open field.

It is a field that we are all sensitive to, some of us more than others. Whether or not you have felt the same {And I suspect many of you have} I am sure all of us are sleeping & dreaming,  exposed to this miasma.

What is the opportunity here, you may ask? If you have even a sneaking suspicion that you may have felt these things, then you have assisted in the auspicious transition of energy that is now coming more fully into our consciousness, your awareness working as a filter, helping to clear the global consciousness of archaic thought patterns, thought patterns & emotions that are no longer relevant (some may never have been relevant) & that have become sticky & addictive for many.

Call it the Age of Aquarius, The Ascenscion or the End of Patriarchy . . . .  the clearing is here. Hallelujah.

Suddenly in the last week, I have woken most mornings free & clear of the aforementioned miasma & I have many sisters & brothers that I trust  who are reporting the same.

Something is moving & this Full Moon is a good time to begin to clean up the mess that may have accumulated, like a tissue strewn floor after the flu.

Take a shower, anoint your body with flowers & oil, get out your most sacred outfit. I guarantee your heart & soul have been waiting for this, even if it still feels hard,especially if it still feels hard.

As always, a Sacred Gateway is not something that one watches or waits for. It invites your participation. The final Cosmic Trigger of 2017 (December 21st – 25th) comes after a period of very strong influxes.
Some of you may be experiencing the vertigo & disorientation of this initial wave (December 1~7). That is expected to increase as the dimensional-shifting, consciousness-shifting light grows more intense.
Hold your hearts dare-angels, we are stronger than we realize.

~ Sandra Walter

The 411 in the Ascension realms that I  listen to have predicted this opening for a while. To be honest ~ after so many years of  feeling like I am sleeping on the frontlines,  I had begun to believe that this feeling of being stretched & squeezed was the new bottom line.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still more work ahead but what has given way, or is beginning to give way, is the obstacle of addiction to past patterns. That is, if you believe this to be true. The opening has been there for a while, but the invitation now is to complete the psychic surgery.


What I am saying is this: If you are aware of something that is calling you, if you can taste freedom & the freedom of others close to you, if you know you are capable of standing tall,

Believe this.
It is true.

OK here are the technical details:

~ Yes Mercury goes retrograde today. If you need a refresher on what it means  when a planet goes retrograde, HERE is an ancient video I made. Still works ~ an oldie but goodie. Mercury retrograde is a TOTAL opportunity. You will go over a karmic point in your chart

You obviously needed this.

~ Mercury is conjunct Saturn. Which means that your field of vision
is severely narrowed. I don’t think I need to tell you  this is also an opportunity.

Like a dog on a short leash, your path is waiting.

~ At the same time as this disciplinary action is taking place, the Moon {& Sun) is in almost exact aspect to both Jupiter & Neptune . . . .  which means the veil is lifted, the light is almost blinding, all your psychic/empathic gifts are in full gear & this might be highly confusing. But only if you let it.


Use this as a guide: If you feel constricted, tense, apprehensive
or like the other shoe is going to drop, you are not feeling good. Most addictions do not feel good, even (or especially) the subtle emotional ones.


Ok, I think you are ready now.

I love you.

The Dark Moon, The End Of Saturn/Chiron PTSD & The Scorpio/Gemini Lunar Prayer

Last night at around midnight, the Moon passed into Scorpio & will be fully engaged in the New Moon at the very end of Scorpio tomorrow morning at 6:42 East Coast.

This long build up in Scorpio is referred to as the Dark Moon & it is rare that we hold that space of darkness for a full day (*or longer in this case).

What this means for you *(& I realize I am sending this so late, I am deep deep deep in my own transfiguration at the moment, keep me close to your heart) is to take whatever time you can for ultra-contemplation.

Take this time as A LUXURY, the most necessary of luxuries. This point of stillness, this shuniya, is the absolute most healing & spiritually nutrient rich thing you can do for yourself, that you can do for the world.

It means so much. I thank you in advance.

Wherever you are ~ Whoever you are ~ Whatever your beliefs are about the matrix of creation & these times . . . . take the time today
& this weekend to clear space for the Beloved.

Allow yourself, in the privacy of your own  sacred space, to fully invite in whatever  The Beloved means to you & LISTEN.

Take your time.

We are in the early season training for the most beautiful Winter Solstice perhaps of our lifetime. We are being visited daily by divine beings who are so invested in our protection & welfare & who depend on our willingess to explore options outside of our comfort zone.

This is why I implore you to take the time. It’s like bootcamp for the soul. Get quiet. Get still. Ask for guidance. Listen.

A few weeks ago, just after Samhain, we completed the Saturn square Chiron transit that had occurred several times  over the past year.

What this meant for us, collectively & individually, was a confrontation with the deepest & most repetitive of wounds: the places where we guard our most wild & free natures & where we feel we have been done wrong.

Protecting ourselves & licking our wounds when feeling vulnerable
(totally natural & intuitive) becomes a stuck place quickly. What we learned (hopefully) this year or were encouraged to examine is how innately courageous & powerful we are, each & every one of us, & that in this place of the deepest wound is where we are initiated into the front guard.

This is where we absolutely must take the invitation to be of service, to rise & lead.

Prayer For The Day Of The Dead: Wake Up Before Dawn & Open Your Eyes

Today is the day to celebrate all things spooky. It brings a smile to my face just to say it: spooky, spooky, spooky. I bet you love to say it too.

I don’t need to remind you that this is the day {& through the night until tomorrow} where the veil is thin, where your ancestors are close, where it really doesn’t take much to settle in, get quiet, listen deeply & feel some wisdom in your bones.

So after you are done trick or treating & playing with your friends,
take some time in the dark much, much later tonight, actually tomorrow morning, before dawn, to set an altar for your beloveds
on the other side.

Invite them in for some tea & maybe a song.

They love you. They really, really, really love you.

Contemplation, silence, complete & utter confidence in the dark, in the place in core of things that is the truth of each & every one of you is the realm of The Hag, The Crone, The Queen of Darkness, The Vastness, The Origin of all things.

The Native Americans say the Creator has more time for us when all is quiet & everyone else is asleep. The Sikhs call this time Amrit Vela or the Nectar time. It is this time of each day when the “veil” of the ego (limited self) is thinnest & we can mindfully observe all the negative habits that lead us away from health, physical stamina, wholeness & higher consciousness, neutralizing the desires that underlie those habits, one by one.

When I have sat up in Vision Quest up on the mountain staring into the night, I actually witnessed this moment, this clearing. Although I had no clock, I could feel the night as it turned, just past midnight. I could hear the forest getting less & less busy. It continued to be noisy for many hours, but as if a volume dial was being incrementally
turned & then, just before dawn, the deeper chill hit & the pure vibration began.

Even if  you don’t make it to that altar at dawn, take some time today or tomorrow to sit with the poem below:


Today I’m flying low and I’m
not saying a word.
I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.

The world goes on as it must,
the bees in the garden rumbling a little,
the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.
And so forth.

But I’m taking the day off.
Quiet as a feather.
I hardly move though really I’m traveling
a terrific distance.

Stillness. One of the doors
into the temple.

– By Mary Oliver

Sit with yourself.
Get into your bones.
Peer into your cells.
See your prayer there.
See the journey you have taken this crazy, auspicious year.
Feel the distance you have traveled:
this year,
your whole long beautiful & wild life.
Enter the temple of you.
Look around.
Bow in gratitude to all of it.

I’m letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep.


Pay Attention.

Write yourself a little something
to remember & hold close.


#MeToo, The Beauty Way & The Pleasure Principle: Navigating Freedom On This New Moon

It has certainly been an amazing week.

All of the prophecies are coming through & the definition/interpretation of what it means when one refers to the return of the feminine & goddess rising is updating minute by minute.

What a perfect time to be a little more focused with your prayers, aligning with the upcoming Lunar momentum ruled this cycle by Venus in both Libra (New Moon) & Taurus (Full Moon).

Venus rules creativity, harmony, beauty, love & receptivity. At the moment she is preparing for her descent  into the underworld, transforming from her Maiden identity as the Morning Star in the beginning of November, going deeper & deeper within until she re-emerges as the Evening Star in late January.

This transformation mirrors the story of Persephone (or the story of Persephone mirrors that of Venus), her kidnapping & descent into the Underworld, where her maidenhood is stolen from her through her relations with the God of the Underworld.

Whatever happens there, as controversial & troubling as it may seem, it is here Persephone individuates from her Mother, & becomes Queen, Mother, Enchantress in full power.

The story is complex & I have many conflicting ideas about this transformation, but this much I know is true,Venus/Persephone calls us to fully own a feminine based idea of beauty & pleasure,
that is defined by no one but ourselves.

For centuries the pleasure principle has been as subjugated & marginalized as woman herself. Of course, pleasure does not only belong to women, but pleasure & it’s relationship with the continuation of both nature & the world is definitely contingent
on the feminine orgasm. The expression of female pleasure has been historically (or at least in recent history) controlled & utilized for the misaligned status quo of the male gaze & has therefore been inherently tampered with & toxified, creating much of the imbalances that we see in nature & in pour bodies.

This is what must change & this change will benefit all peoples. It is all of our responsibility.

It is in vulnerability that the true power lies. Vulnerability does not mean victim. It does not mean licking your wounds. It does not mean playing small. It does not mean blame. It means the freedom to be who you are. The freedom to be beautiful as you are & to walk in pleasure without the need to inordinately protect oneself.

Everyone benefits from The Beauty Way.

The Aries Full Moon: The Harvest, The Impulse For Power, The Horse You Are Riding NOW

Here we are at the Full Moon in Aries. It is the Harvest Moon, usually experienced in late September closer to the Equinox. It is traditionally the time when all your hard work pays off, the food is off the vine & the trees, the fields are being laid to rest.

We all know that the work is hardly done when the food is off the vine, particularly those of use whose natural inclination or spot on the chore wheel (of life) is to feed the people. More on feeding the people in  a minute. But yes, it is good to take a break & survey the season of growing & to plan for the winter ahead.

Yep, you know I love GOT.

Winter is coming.

I want to encourage you to enjoy yourself & breathe this Full Moon. We, all of us, passed through the eye of the needle this summer, whether we believed in this transition or not, whether we cared, whether we paid attention.

We are all living in the new world. A world where our DNA contains more strands. A world where we are capable of time travel & deeper telepathy. A world where, more than ever, we are operating as one living, breathing organism. A world where the Earth energy is leading. A world where we must pay attention, for each day this evolution is racing ahead. A world that will not be the same next week as it is today.

So take a moment & breathe. Do something super nice for yourself today. And if this acknowledgement of your efforts to stay afloat, to stay present, to stay positive bring tears to your eyes, let them flow & know that you are not alone.

It is a lot that is being asked of us  at this time, but it is all in our favor. It is all part of something we asked for at some point, when our souls chose this life. After a many year hiatus from working actively as an astrologer, I have been working more deeply & intuitively with more people than ever deciphering these codes we chose as evolved beings, before we were born.

In these crystalline moments between lives, our highest selves chose lives that were of the most divine purpose, that fit into the purpose of the life that came before & the one that will follow (for it will).
It chose a life that would fit into the matrix of all the other lives here at this time. It did not choose happiness or success. It chose the most perfect, meaningful life.

When you are in despair, when you feel all is lost, you are usually off this alignment. You have lost your way. Most times, it is because you
believe things should be other than they are, right now.

You are resisting yourself. Your truth. Your calling.

And if that causes heaviness in your heart, I can guarantee you, your path is probably only centimeters away from where you are standing right now.

I want to give you one simple piece of advice:

Let things come to you.

Now you might be saying, “I am waiting”
“I am ready”
“Nothing works”
“I tried.”

Most of the time, we are ahead of our experience. We have lived a long time, we have seen many things. We see something coming our way. A horse for instance. We say to ourselves, “That is a horse, I know what a horse is, I have known many horses, I rode a horse once, I remember a brown horse, a golden horse, a spotted horse . . .”

And then we no longer see the horse in front of us.

This happens all the time, many times a day. We stop life. We protect ourselves from experiencing. We lose our thread with the gifts that are coming in, every minute.

Just for today, notice when you interrupt someone. Notice when you look away. Stay one minute more, 5 minutes more.


Remember, the world is completely new.

with Kathe Izzo